How Much Will It Cost to Start a Veterinary Practice?

In the United States, there are about 30,000 veterinary practices. It is a business that is constantly needed no matter what the economy looks like. If you are considering opening a veterinary practice, you can rest assured that your business will most likely thrive.

However, becoming an entrepreneur is not easy. Starting a business involves a lot of work and investing especially at the beginning. You can expect a pretty hefty start up cost when opening a veterinary practice.

Are you curious to know the breakdown of costs? Keep reading this article to learn more about what to expect!

Building Costs 

The first thing that you need to consider when it comes to budgeting for a veterinary clinic is the building cost. You need to ensure that you have a large enough building as it has to be big enough to house the number of pets or animals you want to see. 

One of the main things that factors into the price of the building is the real estate in your area. You can either choose to build the building or refurbish/rent a commercial property.


When considering your start up costs, you need to decide what type of equipment you will need. You are going to need surgical and medical equipment, lab equipment for testing, equipment for the waiting room and exam rooms, and kennel equipment as well.

In addition to equipment, you need to have general furniture. This will go in the waiting room for patients.

Equipment is going to be one of the biggest fees when starting of that business. You can expect to spend between $50,000 and $100,000 for all of the equipment you need for the correct set up.

Supply Costs

In addition to equipment, you also need to get the right supplies. This can be everything from surgical tools to puppy pee pads to put in kennels.

You are also going to need supplies for the office as well.

Legal Expenses

When starting a veterinary business, you are going to have some upfront legal expenses. There will be a rent contract, customer contracts, and other expenses at the start.

If you want to understand more about this, check out veterinary consulting services.

Licensing Fees

Before you start the business, you need to get a veterinary license from irrelevant state agency. You also need to do research to determine if you need a state license or any permitting for your location. 

Licenses tend to average around $500 every single year.

Starting a Veterinary Practice

If you have been considering starting a veterinary practice, these are the startup costs that will be associated with it. It is important to budget for these costs before you get started with the business.

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