RV Solar Panel Installation Near Me: How To Choose a Solar Installer

When you want to make big changes to your life, it doesn’t get better than a substantial energy upgrade. 

There are 167% more solar jobs in the past decade. It’s a growing industry, largely because people enjoy the benefits and have come to rely on this form of energy. 

Solar energy is popular for homes and businesses, but it’s also increasingly popular for recreational vehicle (RV) enthusiasts. 

Buying solar panels for your RV will save you money, save the environment, and add value to your RV.

How can I find RV solar panel installation near me? Let these guidelines serve you as you look to upgrade your energy. 

Make Sure the Solar Company Is Professional and Proven

Always research the credentials and certifications of any solar panel company that you turn to. They need to be trained and should be able to show you their qualifications. 

Find out about the certifications both of the company and any individual contractors that are going to provide work for you. Ask about their license and look it up to verify. 

With solar jobs on the rise, you need to be weeding out companies that don’t have experience and stick to those that are proven and professional. 

Ask About Solar Installer Fees

It’ll cost you about $10,000 to get a brand-new set of solar panels for a house. You’ll pay substantially less for RV solar installation, and the prices will vary on the type of RV and panels.

You’ll need to speak to your potential solar installer to ask about their fees. This will usually be a combination of the price of the solar panels and the hourly rate for the labor. 

The solar panel company might also charge some flat fees for their services. Before moving forward with the project, ask them how long it will take to complete, and get the prices in writing. 

Find Out About Their Ratings

When you want more information about a solar panel company, their ratings and reviews tell a lot of the story. 

The best solar installer will come with a lot of reviews and customer testimonials. These testimonials should be filled with happy customers who can speak glowingly about their service, communication, professionalism, and other attributes. 

Look up some review sites such as Google My Business, and browse the customer testimonials that the solar company has on their website. Compile these reviews for as many companies as you can to help in your decision-making. 

Hire a Solar Installer That Is a Good Communicator

It’s also important to find a solar installer that can communicate clearly and effectively. This is a new type of technology that you might not be familiar with. As a result, you will naturally have questions about how it works, the types of solar panels available for installation, and how you can troubleshoot and repair the system once it’s installed. 

Go with a solar company that has time to answer all of your questions. The best pros will put thought and energy into assisting customers with this and will help you feel good about your decision to hire them. 

Talk to People You Know Who Have Solar

Talk to other RV enthusiasts and compare notes with RVers who have installed solar panels. Strike up a chat about the panels and ask what made them decide to switch to solar, how they like it so far, and their experience with hiring a professional to do the work. 

The more reference points you have, the more you will understand the technology and can find leads on professionals that can offer the best services. 

Go With a Local Company

You will always have more comfort with the work when you choose to hire local solar panel pros. When they have a presence in the community, they are more invested in maintaining a strong reputation and providing quality service. 

You’re also more likely to have local references that you can turn to for advice and recommendations on which pros to hire. You can discuss matters with your local chamber of commerce and can find leads with your state license board. 

A strong local presence is always an indicator that you’re making a good decision with any company that you’d like to hire. 

Browse Examples of Their Work 

You can’t know what kind of work a solar company does until you see it for yourself. Browse through any photos, videos, or other media they have of previous RV solar panels they have installed. 

Check the framing, quality, and neatness of the job, in addition to before and after media so that you can see how much of an improvement their work was. 

Compare before and after examples to make sure that the RV looks better and retains its handling and function once the panels are installed. 

Finding RV Solar Panel Installation Near Me

How can I find RV solar panel installation near me? Now that you have a clear idea about getting panels for your RV, make sure that you do your part in finding professionals that can do the rest. 

Talk to them and let them know what you’re looking for to find out how they can help. Compare costs and shop around until you find a deal that is best for you. 

Once you get them installed, you can hit the open road without fear of losing power. 

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