Benefits of qualifying CUET Exam (Advantages of CUET)

Are you a CUET aspirant and want to prepare for the entrance? So before jumping

straight into the advantages of qualifying for this exam, let’s understand the exam and

why it is important for students. CUET (Common University Entrance Test), which the

National Testing Agency regulates, is a common entrance exam to get admission to 45

central universities and more than 100 universities all over India. Till 2021 every

university was doing its own entrance exam. There are no standard procedures and

criteria to get admission. The government of India started this exam to avoid chaos,

which is a replacement form for NTA and CUCET.

Importance of the exam

The common university entrance exam is a computer-based entrance exam to test the

Candidates’; problem-solving capacity. Before 2022 state universities and the central

university had their own entrance exam for PG and UG admission. The central

government takes this decision to unify this selection process; by qualifying for this one

entrance exam, you can enter any university as per the cut-off of the respective


Benefits of qualifying for the exam

1. Could focus on critical thinking

Before this entrance exam was introduced, there were limited syllabus for every

subject in the schools in which many students could not perform overall good if

they had a major interest in one subject. After this entrance is introduced, the

student can choose their interest in topics and give the entrance. This exam is a

combination of subject ability and aptitude tests, which allows the student to

explore the topics they are interested in. They could think in a different way and

could have a different perspective on their own problem-solving skills.

2. More equitable admission process

Through this unified admission process, every student has the same opportunity

to showcase their talent and academic knowledge. Till 2022 almost every

admission was purely based on the 12th  or +2 marks. As per these criteria, many

talented students who have a little less marks cannot get admission to any good

university, and those students get the marks by memorizing they easily get

admission. However, they cannot compete with other talented students. Through

this admission process, everyone has a fair chance to get admission to their

dream university, and they can also compete with other state students.

3. Objective grading system

This entrance exam is purely based on the objective question exam, which allows

the students to develop their subjective analysis by analysing the question

subjectively, as this is an objective test that removes the grade factor of any

student. Also, these have different sections for the exam so that you can know the

academic inclination and strengths of their respective subjects.

4. The cut-off list

The main reason for this exam is to give the student an even platform to get

admission. Having the same cut-off for all students is the first step to that motive.

In CUET, they take the combined percentage of 12th and entrance, which will be

the percentage of the candidate and give you the fair cut-off for admission. So by

this, the talented studio students don’t have to worry about selection politics and

can focus on studying.

5. More efficient admission process

Now, this exam mode is applied in all the central universities and over 100

universities. This means there will be one common entrance conducted by the

government and the same admission process in every university. They will

publish one CUET cut-off mark, and the students will select according to the marks.

Back then, the different universities had their separate entrance and different

cut-off marks selection process; some of them do not take the entrance exam;

they directly get admission according to the 12th mark of the students. So after

this standardization process, every student can get admission to any top and

central university. So now students do not have to think about the selection

process and can easily concentrate on studying. They don’t have to worry about

other complicated procedures.

By qualifying for this one entrance exam, you can take admitted to any university of

your choice. While back then, there was no such thing as a common entrance, some

universities are taking admission on the basis of cut-off while some have their own

entrance exam, which creates a gap between the election process to give students a

common platform. In the UG admission process, CUET is a revolutionary step from the

central government, which is purely focused on giving chances and admission to real

scholars and talented students.

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