Dragon tiger, likewise other online card games, depends totally on your luck. It’s quite similar to Baccarat. However, it has sides, Dragon and Tiger, instead of the Banker and Player. Anyways, the dealing of the cards and the rules are pretty similar. But, the dragon tiger originated in Cambodia, unlike Baccarat. 

Dragon tiger has hit popularity around the globe and it is now available on almost all online casinos. Playing dragon tiger on online casinos is simple. Just register yourself at an online gambling site and find your most suited version of the dragon tiger game. 

However, before you proceed further to play this game, get yourself familiarised with some of the dragon tiger game winning tricks. 24Betting has it all covered for you. Our brief guides on the dragon vs tiger game are enough to get you rolling. 

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Don’t Place A Bet On The Tie

No matter what casino card game you’re playing, it’s always a bad idea to bet on the tie. While playing dragon tiger, it is one of the most important dragon tiger game-winning tricks to not bet on the tie. And believe us when say Don’t. 

At this point, you may be unaware, but dragon tiger bet has a whopping house edge of 32.77%. This is big enough to let us ignore the lucrative payout of 8:1. Also, the chances of winning a tie bet are extremely low. But, if you’re somehow lucky enough to win a tie bet, your payout will be huge. 

Study the game payouts

Dragon tiger is a game of chance. So, there’s no doubt you can get carried away by the excitement of the game. That’s why we suggest, before you delve into the game, familiarise yourself with a couple of dragon tiger tricks to win. And then, your chance of losing will be lower. 

Learn the tactics of the game which is quite easier, as the game is pretty basic. And don’t forget to study the payouts for the dragon tiger at your casino. Different online casinos offer different game payouts. 

Count Card Strategy

This trick doesn’t work when you’re playing dragon tiger online. However, we’re mentioning here this dragon tiger prediction trick. And as the name indicates, this dragon vs tiger trick is about counting cards in your head. This way you’ll be keeping a record of how many and what cards have been dealt and what’s remaining. 

Though it sounds complex and tiring, it is rewarding at the same time. But, for this trick to work, you need to have some good calculation skills and be observant. 

And a plus point is that dragon tiger uses only a few cards out of the deck, which makes your counting and ultimately winning easier. This dragon tiger game trick can save you from some lower draws.

Never follow patterns

Know that dragon tiger is a game of chance. That means you can never win at dragon tiger by following some hypothetical beliefs. It’s not like if the dragon side has won 3 times, it’ll win this time as well. Both sides have equal chances of winning. 

Therefore, keep this dragon tiger game-winning trick in mind that following patterns won’t help. And check out our detailed guides about dragon tiger game rules, if you’re new to it. 

Observe The Dealer Dealing Cards

Last but not the least, this is the most important of all dragon vs tiger tricks. It suggests that you should not just start betting with real money without any prior experience with the game or any knowledge of it. Therefore, learn the basic rules of dragon tigers first and then start playing. 

Also, another key factor is to observe the dealer for a couple of games. And record the match results. This way you’ll be able to place accurate bets and increase your winning rate. 

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