Creative Ways to Incorporate Movement and Physical Activity into Preschool Curriculum


Learning at an early age is what matters the most. When we were little, we did not understand what was right and wrong for us. With age and understanding of the subjects and things, we have understood the harshness of life and learned proper things.

Sometimes we regret the inappropriate ways that we considered at an early age. Due to the lack of learning at an early age, we still regret the opportunities that we cannot get in our life. 

However, our parents have tried a lot to let us learn well and proceed into the future with promptness. However, things are changing, and preschool activities are helping children learn appropriate things.

Well, proper guidance at an early age is very much important to help them choose a proper path in life from an early age. Things get difficult when we see that the students do not get enough attention from the teachers on an individual level.

However, if you think that the teachers of a preschool have less headache of teaching, it is considered more like a best play school. Well, this is not right at all. In fact, preschool parameters are hard to maintain because the students are unaware of good and bad, and you, as a teacher, need to take care of everything.

So, ultimately the whole thing gets messed up if you do not have the proper abilities to handle the pressure and learning process. Parents these days prefer the preschool learning process due to their movement-based learning. In this way, the students can inherit physical activities with their learning process.

So, the responsibilities are bigger for the preschool teachers to understand the mindset of each child and provide them with tasks accordingly.

What Is The Importance Of Movement-Based Learning In Preschool?

Considering preschool learning is important for preschoolers, parents still don’t know what activities are effective for their children. Understanding things better will help the parents deal with the instances of child learning. 

When you need to look at your child’s future, you will need to consider a better learning process altogether. In this situation, youmustto understand if their classroom provides enough learning and activities to determine a better learning process.

However, things will get worse when you do not know what is going on in your life. This is a critical situation because you need to know about their daily activities to understand their progress in life. Considering a creativity-based learning process for preschoolers is crucial. 

An activity-based learning approach in preschool will help your child learn and progress in their inquiry-based learning with better critical thinking approaches. 

However, many reasons exist to consider movement and physical activity while providing preschool learning programs. 

It’s Fun

One of the best parts of preschools is that the students can play and learn simultaneously. This is only possible in the play school. 

In fact, the parents send their children to preschool to ensure that they can play and learn properly and have fun. However, with movement and physical activities, preschoolers get the chance to have fun the way they want. 


Well, the teachers will instruct, but they need to be more relaxed with the movements and physical activities. So, the students get enough relaxation to enjoy every movement on their own while learning. 

It’s Easy

Preschool activities are easy for preschoolers. They do not generally complain about their activities in the play school. 

It is super easy to complete those activities and also learns new games and things. In fact, students get interested in repeating their moves most of the time. 

So the whole thing is very interesting for them, and they also get enough chances to improve their moves while learning. No time frame makes it more fun and easy for them. 

You Don’t Have To Be A Teacher

Well, you don’t have to be a typical teacher to let the preschoolers do their activities. But your responsibility will be to be with them and get excited about the smaller discovered and fun things with the preschoolers. 

They will look at you and learn from you, and if you are able to encourage them, then the rest will be easy. Encouraging preschoolers does not work with giving knowledge but with providing them with interesting movement and physical activities. 

No Curriculum Needed

A preschool curriculum is like no curriculum. For preschoolers, if you prepare a typical curriculum, they will not cherish or enjoy it.

In contrast, if you allow them to play well and enjoy their movements, then they will get excited and do their activities properly. In such a situation, considering curriculums will get easier. So, ultimately movement-based learning is important for preschoolers. 

Very Transferable

In top preschools, the whole process of learning is very transferable. When you see that the students are struggling with one way of learning, then it is possible to provide them with other activities and fun movements to explore their interesting world. 

This is how you will be able to manage the situation for the students and keep a transparent environment inside the play school. 

Expands With The Preschooler

Expanding your world of joy with the preschooler is possible with movement-based activities and learning processes. When you see that the preschoolers are trying to do something more with their dedicated activities, you can allow them with the expansion approaches.

With different activities, they can enhance their world of interest with better physical expansion. 


Flexibility is the key development that preschoolers can inherit with movement-based learning. With physical activities, their body will get flexible, and they will stay healthy like never before. 

Creative Ways Of Movement-Based Learning In Preschool

Movement-based learning process helps the children to deal with hand-eye coordination and cooperation. Well, in the play school, it is possible to inherit some creative approaches to make the day better and more fun-oriented for the students. 

Let’s check out some creative movement activities we can consider for preschoolers.

Scavenger Hunt

This hunting game is for the objects that the children will look for in a broad place. Especially when it’s hosted outside, the students get enough interest in this game which also engages their balance and improves coordination.

It is also game-based learning which increases problem-solving skills with a better listening approach for the students. At a play school, when they ask for hints and understand accordingly, their problem-solving skills will increase automatically.


It is a bone-strengthening and aerobic activity that helps improve motor skills, coordination, and concentration simultaneously in children. 

It’s a ten-by-pairing counting game that helps children learn new concepts and information. While counting, children need to balance and jump through the space, which is hopping. 

Who Am I?

It’s not much about physical activity or movement, but still, it can be considered a learning-based movement game where the students cannot just sit in one place to enjoy it. 

Well, this is a guessing game where a piece of painter’s tape will be put on your forehead. After that, someone else will write something on the piece, and then you have to guess it. It can be a celebrity name or a famous person that you admire. So, it’s all about guessing and cracking the name or something like that. 

With this game, you can learn and encourage your guessing power and also can enhance the critical decision-making approach.

Rolling Around

It is a curiosity-based game that helps strengthen the muscles of preschoolers. For instance, necessary movements for rolling games play a crucial role, like pulling themselves up. 

On the other hand, you will need to consider the instances of considering the role of pulling up. In this way, preschoolers can simultaneously consider two important senses: proprioceptive (body awareness) and vestibular (balance). 

Obstacle Course

Providing an obstacle course for the preschoolers is challenging for them but, at the same time, exciting as well. When considering an obstacle course for the preschooler, you will need to find out what can be more challenging for them. 

So, by changing the rules of various objectives, you can ensure better coordination, muscle strength, and problem-solving approach to them. 


It’s an interesting physical activity that can encourage the attention and concentration of preschoolers. Iff you allow the students to play freeze games at a play school, they will also get enriched with physical fitness and flexibility. 


If you allow them to engage in various learning activities and enjoy their work while moving or jumping, freezing them with sudden instruction can be super fun for them.

Consider these preschool learning-based movement games and add something extra to your preschoolers. Well, a play school always wants a pattern of learning that your preschooler would enjoy. This is where enhancing their skills is important while they are also getting physically active.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching is one of the physical movements which is fun for preschoolers and boosts blood flow in the body. Children can gain a lot with simple stretching exercises.

What’s more, a simple stretching exercise helps make children’s muscles flexible and reduces any possibility of muscular imbalance in the body and stiffness.

Yoga Session

Yoga is the best way to strengthen your muscles without putting in much effort. In fact, it has been seen that yoga helps children with self-control and improves their attention span.  This is why most schools are adding yoga to their curriculum program.

The best part of yoga is that children can start doing it as soon as they can understand basic instructions. This can be as early as two years of age. 

Dancing Classes

Children love music and respond to it very well. Ask your child what type of music they enjoy the most and see how they move their body when listening to their favorite music. You can add them to dancing classes if you find that they are dancing while listening.

Dancing classes are the perfect place for children to learn body balance and stability. In addition, dancing helps children to have a flexible body, which results in less injury.

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