What Are The Importance Of Parents Teachers Communication


Parents and teachers are the ultimate well-wishers of a child. The parents do everything in the life of the child. The father and mother arrange the care, education, food, medical expenditure, and work for the complete upbringing of their child. They are ever watchful of the development of the student’s academic career. 

On the other hand, the teachers play an even similar role in helping the students in their journey of learning.

We discuss a lot about the role of the guardian in bringing transformation in a student’s life. We also discuss a lot of the teacher’s continuous guidance that helps the students to grow academically. But we do not really endeavor to make and study the role or partnership of both of them. 

“Pragyanam” the top cbse schools in Gurgaon suggest, “the partnership between the parents and the teachers determine students’ success.” 

The article will focus primarily on this very factor.

Types Of Modes Of Parents Teacher Communication 

Communication between the parents and the teachers becomes a vital aspect of the child’s upbringing. According to the top cbse schools in Gurgaon, parents and teachers need to engage more to build a good relationship. It helps the student prepare their lessons better. 

The guardian during the school admission inquiries specifically on establishing communication between both the parents and the teachers. Both of them establish communication between themselves in different ways. We discuss some of them here:

In-Person Communication

This communication works great for the student. Here the teacher and the guardian establish communication between the drop-off and pickup of the children. 

Parents-Teachers Conference

Good schools always value the parents and teacher relationship. This is the reason that they conduct regular parent-teacher meetings in the school. 

Phone Calls And Emails

Parents with busy personal schedules may not establish direct one-to-one communication with the students. They reciprocate emails to discuss the chids’ progress.

Text Messages

Some teachers use mass text messages or special messaging apps to establish communication with the parents. Some text services serve the requirements.

Open Houses

The best schools in Gurgaon host open houses where the parents visit the classrooms of their children. This creates a healthy ecosystem suitable for teacher and guardian talks. 

Homework Handouts

They are effective ways of communication between both stakeholders. Usually, the teachers write their message in the exercise book or the diary for the parents. These diary reports or homework handouts are vastly important for knowledge and awareness of the student’s progress.

Why Is Parent-Teacher Communication Important? 

The parents and the teachers communicate right from the start of the entire curriculum and continue till it ends. During the meetings, they openly discuss several areas of a student’s academic performance. 

At the same time, they also discuss different strategies that can work best for the learner. In this section, we will try to determine the importance of parent-teacher meetings in schools. 

1. Proactive Hard Work

When students experience a positive connection with their parents and teachers, they become more engaged in their classroom goals. 

This is because both of them play positive roles so that students score high grades on the examination. Therefore the best schools always endeavor to bring in development. The partnership inspires the students to work harder and put more effort into learning the lessons.

2. Respect For Teachers 

The discussion between the parents and the teachers starts right from the school admission and gets carried forward throughout the student’s academic career. The teachers get the respect of students.  

If the guardians are always observant of what’s happening in the classroom, they get confidence from within. This is why when the students return home from school, the guardian keeps asking what happened that day. These guardians develop a higher respect towards the teachers. 

3. Easier Problem Solving 

The best Schools in Gurgaon always create an ecosystem of talks and discussions between the teachers and the students. During these discussion sessions, the teachers guide the parents on different aspects of the child’s learning. 

For instance, if students follow an unsuitable approach to solving a problem, they may get away with easier problems. But things might be problematic with the increasing difficulty levels. 

That time the teacher can explain to the parents the right methodology and approach to solve difficult problems. They ultimately benefit the student in both learning and scoring high grades. 

4. Social Development

Communication is an important issue component for students. They guide the students or learners on how to interact with other people. Children learn from their elders. They observe their parents and teachers’ behavioral patterns. This helps them learn and imbibe the positive ones. 

The student absorbs the benefits of learning and successfully implements them when interacting with the teachers, peers, and parents. 

The common points between the students and teachers help them learn these behavioral patterns. Ultimately it helps in bringing social development, and the students turn out to be the greatest beneficiary of the system. 

5. Building The Bridge Of Trust Between The Parents And The Teachers 

The parents and teachers oversee each and every aspect of the child’s growth and development. They are working continuously so that the efforts of each one of them channel the ultimate growth of the child. The best schools in Delhi and Gurgaon always work to establish meetings and talks between teachers and guardians. 

This happens right from the school admission. The ultimate objective of the development is to establish trust and confidence in both stakeholders. The schools aim to create an ecosystem of trust between them, working vigorously to attain a common objective. 

6. Tracking The Progress Of Students Effectively 

The progress of a student can be both qualitative and quantitative. According to the top cbse schools in Gurgaon, both the guardian and the parents must be thoroughly vigilant about a student’s progress. They must establish communication between them and become proactive at every step of the child’s learning.

The teachers must actively oversee the cognitive, behavioral, and all other aspects of learning. They understand what it takes to improve the child. With this aim and objective, they continuously establish a partnership between themselves. This can help bring improvement to the student. 

The success between the student and teachers depends to quite an extent on learning and tracking progress, and the best schools aim to take measures and track this development. 

Establishing And Maintaining Communication Channels 

Establishing and maintaining communication channels is key to bringing in academic progress. The students and guardians make continuous efforts to attain it. 

But the endeavors won’t really bear fruits unless and until the school makes active participation. The parents and the teachers can establish communication channels between them. Here we discuss different ways through which it can be created. 

1. Maintaining Frequency And Consistency

Good communication is important for sorting out issues between teachers and students. This is why the best schools make efforts to arrange quarterly and annual meetings. 

According to the top cbse schools in Gurgaon, the ultimate aim and objective of teacher and student meetings are to work on the weaknesses of the students. 

As per the latest needs of the parents, the best schools in Gurgaon are arranging the frequency and consistency of the meetings. For example, the frequency between the parent guardians’ appointments can be increased to ensure better preparation for the child. 

2. Be Proactive About The Potential Issue 

As we mentioned, the progress of a child depends to quite an extent on how proactive they are in observing the child. Both of them must be vigilant.

The teacher can provide notes and remarks to the guardian on a daily basis so that they keep on working with the child. With this proactive engagement, the guardians can know more about the child’s weaknesses. Then they can work on these developments to reap the benefits. 

3. Establishing An Authentic Dialogue

The weekly, quarterly, and annual meetings are not all. The progress of the students depends, to quite an extent, on authentic dialogue. The meetings have to be effective from all ends. Now you might ask, what is effective communication? 

It is that communication that is aimed is extracting maximum benefits for the child. For instance, the teachers can write a question in the diaries or exercise books to the students, but they are intended for the parents. The parents give their reply. Thus they establish communication without meeting physically (one-on-one). This is the way the meetings turn effective.

4. Practicing Empathy And Positivity In Communications 

The teachers and the parents practice communication between the two. But if the conversations turn into a heated debate, the chord of trust and confidence completely gets cut off. Ultimately it affects the child. 

Parents and teachers must communicate with respect, positivity, and empathy. This helps in establishing better communication between both of them. Mutual trust and respect work positively for the student. 

Putting The Discussion To A Close

The parent-teacher relationship starts right from school admission. Both parties work like partners in a project. The efficacy of good communication between both of them is rewarded with good grades. 

Driven by this aim, both the teachers and guardians work together. They establish a bridge of trust and confidence through the meetings. All the efforts are driven by learning and development. 

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