The Top 5 Simple Ideas That Can Convert Your Daughter’s Bedroom into A Teenager’s Ideal Room

As your children grow up, it starts becoming increasingly difficult to know and understand them. Thus it becomes difficult to decorate a space for them that would inspire them and help them both relax and focus on their work. These tips will help you decorate a room for your teenage daughter that she would love.

1.  Multi-functional Space-

Your teenage daughter will spend most of their time in their bedroom. This space is not just where they will sleep, but the presence of individual elements that’d help them do their homework, entertain themselves, and hang out with their friends too. To avoid being too relaxed on a bed, a dedicated space is necessary where they can focus on their work. So a study table design with lots of desk space and cupboards underneath where they can store their books and notebooks will keep them inspired. A bulletin board right above the desk where they can stick their to-do lists or create a vision board is also a great idea.

2.  Storage-

Teenagers are not known to be the most organized age group. So it is necessary to provide them with lots of storage options so that their room might seem a little clean. The addition of storage bins and baskets for clothes in the corner of rooms, organized boxes for stationeries, etc. will keep the room mess-free. Try to find storage in every item- like drawers under TV cabinets, dressers, and beds.

3.  Bold Colors-

A boring and drab room will upset your kid a lot and they would not like spending time inside. To combat this growing flight risk, make the space more bright and lively. Include bold colors like blue, red, orange, etc on their walls and pair bedsheets and blankets of contrasting colors with them. Make sure there is a proper influence of your child’s favorite color as well. If they like dark colors, go for greys, purples, and pair them with white and black.

4.  Lighting-

Add lots of different lighting options, instead of a muted tube light. Remote-controlled strip lights, fairy lights, ceiling, and table lamps are great ideas that make the room feel warm and comfortable. A proper table light is also very necessary.

5.  Personal Touch-

If you know what your kid loves, for instance, the shows, characters, bands, etc. it becomes quite easy to decorate their space. The teenage years are when the child is discovering themselves and they love it when their personal style and preferences are reflected in their own space. You can hang posters of their favorite movies and bands on the accent wall. You can also create a collage with pictures of their friends and border them with decorative lights. Such personal touches really transform a room and show that you care about their choices and opinions, which is very important for them.

It might seem very difficult to deal but it becomes increasingly easier to deal with the kids as they grow up and hopefully these decorating tips will bring you a little closer to your child.

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