Planning to buy a new scooty? Here is why you should purchase TVS Jupiter

When you are thinking of buying a scooty, what are the things that are truly important to you? TVS Jupiter is an ideal companion for those looking for a reliable vehicle. Launched in 2013, TVS Jupiter has seen a consistent rise in sales in the past decade. Here are the reasons why people consider this two wheeler before any other.

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Things to look out for in TVS Jupiter

  1. Powerful Engine – Since TVS Jupiter is counted under a non-gear vehicle many people are skeptical of its performance as compared to that of a geared vehicle. However, TVS Jupiter has a well-built engine that is for city riding and maximizing fuel efficiency. It has a single-cylinder four-stroke engine, that is accompanied by tubeless tires. TVS Jupiter has a kick start electric start and displacement of 109.7 CC. The front suspension is telescopic hydraulic whereas the rear suspension is a three-step adjustable type coil spring with a hydraulic damper which makes this two wheeler comfortable even on uneven roads. The headlamp is available in LED as well as halogen.
  2. Loaded with Features – TVS Jupiter is known for its style and comfort and most importantly the features make this two wheeler such a successful vehicle. Stylish handle grips, a luxurious nameplate, a shiny stainless steel muffler guard, an all-black theme with alloy wheels, and a choice of headlamp are some of the features that set TVS Jupiter apart from its peers. Ensure that your features are up to date get to get third party insurance for two wheeler to cover your TVS Jupiter. This insurance takes care of financial liabilities that you may have in case of an accident or collision that involves your TVS Jupiter. Third party insurance is compulsory for all to have as per the law if you wish to ride your two wheeler on Indian roads.

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  • Convenience Galore – TVS Jupiter is built for those who are looking to commute in and around the city and are looking for convenience above all. TVS Jupiter’s all-in-one lock to operate the ignition, fuel tank, handle lock, and seat lock from the same keyhole is extremely convenient and a time saver. No more fumbling when you are going to get your tank refill at the petrol pump! Are you the kind to do your bit for the environment by killing your engine when does small stop? The engine kill switch is perfect for you. Front mobile charger with a utility box to keep your phone save the important time when you are late for work and your phone is low on battery. Foldable Mirrors are created for when you are parking and broader view.
  • Moderately Stylish – TVS Jupiter’s style is unmatched. Whether it is the alloy wheels or the all-black seamless stature, it is fit for work and leisure. The comfortable yet stylish anti-skid seat is a blessing for the pillion rider and looks dashing when the two wheeler is parked.

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  • Premium Build Quality – TVS Jupiter is known for its superior build quality. It has a malfunction indicator that ensures that your two-wheeler is maintained well at all times. When the indication is on you should head to the nearest authorized garage and get it checked out. The metal body of TVS Jupiter eliminates any chance of tension and makes this two wheeler more stable. The parking brake is an example of how mindfully TVS Jupiter is built. The metal body shows that even if your two wheeler has been in an accident, it can get bent out of shape or scratched but does not get cracked easily. This means a collision does not lead to the replacement of that part of the outer body.
  • Value for Money – At the convenience and style TVS Jupiter offers you, the price is really low. With Eco Thrust fuel injection Technology, you can get 15% more mileage. TVS Jupiter’s superior technology sensors, gauge the vehicle load and make the adjustment required in its power output. This enhances the quality of the ride and improves fuel efficiency.
  • Affordable Insurance Cost – Like any two wheeler TVS Jupiter should be insured from the first day itself. Although third party Insurance has a lesser premium the ideal TVS Jupiter insurance should include coverage for insured two wheeler as well. It should have a provision for ensuring expenses incurred due to an accident should be covered. You can get insurance to ensure your TVS Jupiter is not affected by depreciation, the rider and the pillion rider are covered, and many more benefits. Apart from the chargeable addons, the insurance policy itself is affordable and gives you great returns in case of an emergency by saving all the money required for repairs and medical costs. It is one of the vital protective features along with the safety features that come with TVS Jupiter.

TVS Jupiter is known for its stylish look and comfortable ride. These are the only reasons you should look at while looking to buy this vehicle. The performance, reviews, features, customer service, and other such factors should be considered as well.

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