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Things You might not be Aware about Bike Insurance

A bike insurance plan has a short term validity which might be for one , two or three years.  It is necessary to renew the insurance plan before expiry as you will not obtain the necessary coverage. Rather than continuing with the same coverage the owner has an option to modify the policy as per their requirements. A second hand bike online shopping would make things a tinge easier as you can locate a policy as per your choice. Let us have an idea about some pointers about bike insurance which people will not be aware

An individual lays special emphasis when it comes to exclusions in a bike insurance policy. Yes they are important, but a policy holder has to be aware on how a policy works. Coming to the pointers about bike insurance that people need to be aware

Customization of a bike insurance plan

Most of us would be aware that a bike insurance coverage tends to alter as per the model. The manufacturing year or the engine capacity of the bike holds importance. It would also be possible to opt for a customized bike insurance plan as per your specific requirements. It can be done with the help of add ones. It is possible to choose an add on cover that complies with your requirements. If you are owner of a new bike then a zero depreciation cover would be an ideal one.

With bike insurance an option of cashless facility is available

People often refer a cashless facility to that of health insurance. But with a two wheeler insurance you could also raise a cashless scheme. Just you need to send your bike to a reputed garage which is listed with the company. As the company has a tie up with the garage you do not have to pay for anything. This is taking into consideration all the costs are borne by the insurance company, though some of the costs would not fall under the scope of coverage.

Road side assistance along with multiple add on benefits on offer

With a bike insurance it is one of the added features when it comes to insurance coverage. It would be providing free services like cash on call assistance, fuel refill or on towing buying. If the bike suffers a breakdown then the roadside assistance turns out to be a saviour.

Claiming for a lost key

All credit to technological advancements the bike keys have gone on to become expensive. In terms of a product add on it is going to cover up the cost of keys or It can be the lockset in the event of any damage or theft. If there is any theft attempt the insurance company may repair the lock and key of your bike. Once again it would be dependent upon the terms or conditions of the policy.

With bike insurance you will obtain legal protection

There could be some issues if you get into a tangle with a third party. It would be covered as part of a basic insurance plan which works out to be the third party. Even the insurer will be able to offer legal protection in such situations.

It is not necessary that you need to purchase a  bike insurance from a dealer

When you are purchasing a bike it is necessary to have an insurance. Some people are of the assumption that this insurance is to be purchased from a dealer. But it is not something is necessary. If you undertake second hand bike online shopping, there are numerous insurance plans and you can choose one as per your desires. Always opt for a company which goes on to opt for an insurance plan that ends up providing a comprehensive coverage.

Under a basic plan the engine is not protected

In a bike the engine is one of the expensive components. Any repair or replacement of an engine might cost you a lot of money. If you are looking to get a bike insured make sure there is an add on bike insurance coverage when It comes to an insurance plan.

Tips handy to reduce

There are some handy tips which you need to consider for reducing the premium on bikes. You may opt for voluntary deduction or the declared value when It comes to the bike. A suggestion is to renew the policy timely so that there is no form of a lapse.

It is not possible to claim an insurance policy outside the geographical boundary of the country

As far as a bike insurance policy is concerned there are certain exclusions. An insurer is liable to provide coverage which would occur within the geographical boundary of the country. If there any exists any damage outside the country it is not covered.

The premium of bike insurance increases  if you are having a lapsed policy

It is necessary that you pay timely  premium of your insurance policy so that there is no claim when it comes to damages. If you fail to renew the policy within 90 days after the lapse of the policy you would be losing all accumulated no bonus claim. It is going to include the cost associated with a bike insurance.

Depreciation is going to increase the amount significantly

Depreciation would mean the reduction in the market value of a product. This is going to occur since the age of the bike would increase with time. Any form of regular wear or tear may decrease the value of a bike. The moment you raise a claim, you raise the depreciation and it can have an  impact on the claim amount. To deal with this you may opt for the zero depreciation cover. Even the insurer would not factor when it comes to the total depreciation of the bike. Hence the claim amount is going to increase. These are some of the questions which emerge when it comes to choice of an insurance cover.

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