How to Use a Hair Straightener to Get Perfectly Straight and Sleek Hair?

Hair that is sleek, shiny, straight is such a game-changer! It is the go-to hairstyle for every woman as it suits all occasions, outfits, and looks. Whether you want poker-straight hair or just want to straighten the frizzy bangs in the front, every girl swears by a Hair Straightener that holds an important place in her vanity.

Hair Straightening Appliance is the key to silky, smooth, and straight hair sitting in the comfort zone of the home. One question that constantly bothers hairstyle lovers is “how to straighten hair like a pro at home?” For everyone out there yearning for straight hair locks, this blog has got some of the easiest pro-tips to get straight hair in no time. 

Easy Tips to Use a Hair Straightener Like a Pro

Wash Your Hair 

One pro tip to swear by heart is that greasy or dirty hair will never give good styling results. Hence, always wash your hair with a mild shampoo and similar conditioner. Having freshly washed hair is highly recommended before straightening the mane or else dirty hair can lead to frizz and oiliness. Rinse off the shampoo and conditioner to make sure your scalp is clean as it will make the hair straightening process easy and smooth. 

Make the Hair Dry 

As you get your hair dry, make sure to towel dry by patting the locks gently! If you wish to get a sleek finish on your hair then ensure using drying more than half of your hair with the towel. Style your hair only when it is fully dry as wet hair is prone to breakage. Moreover, dry hair gives more efficient results than wet hair.

Section Your Hair

Now is the time to get your mane ready for the hair straightening. Once your hair is completely dry, use a Detangling Hair Brush to detangle the hair knots. Using a Hair Brush with soft bristles and handles with a strong grip helps to minimize hair breakage while gliding on rough or frizzy hair. Apply heat protectant to minimize the frizz and damage. Now take a styling Hair Comb and divide your hair depending upon the volume and thickness. For the precise styling, make 2 sections in front and 2 at the back. 

Use a Fine Teeth Comb While Straightening

And here comes the main part! Switch on the Hair Straightener and set the required heat temperature as per your styling requirement. Allow the Hair Straightening Device to heat up and hold it above one section of hair. Comb the hair section with the fine teeth comb for fine results and glide the straightener sliding downwards. Repeat the process one or two times more till the hair is flat straight. 

Don’t Straighten the Same Section Many Times

While going downwards from the root to the tips, don’t glide the straightener many times on the same section of hair. For the perfect finish and lessen the heat on hair, always clip your hair in small sections and straighten one section at a time. This is one of the most key tips that determine the results after the straightening. 

Last but not least seal the look with a hair serum to add shine. And you are ready to flip your straight hair and turn heads! 

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