Avoid These Mistakes While Studying For Board Exams

Whether it is a conventional, online, or hybrid learning era, board exams are crucial in students’ lives. There is no doubt how essential boards are for the students, but you cannot deny that all students fear the board examination.

When students start preparing for the board examination, they do many things to score good marks, but in that process, they make many mistakes. Here are some of the common mistakes students commit while studying for board examinations. Have a look at them-

Studying continuously for long hours- It is the first thing you should not do when you are appearing for your board examination. Studying for long hours may cause boredom and cause a lack of concentration. When you are about to learn any subject, it is essential to decide how much time you will give it before reading it. You cannot invest much of your time reading the same subject or book. You can read for at least 1.5 to 2 hours, but if you exceed, you will not be able to concentrate more on the subject.

You must take a gap or rest of at least 20-30 minutes after studying for 1.5-2 hours. After that, make sure to change the subjects. Taking a break or a rest will help you lessen the tension stress and increase your concentration power. Study how much you want but make sure you rest in between.

Too much dependence on teachers- It is another primary mistake students make during their board examinations. Many students have a habit of leaving everything to their teachers. They forget that teachers are not magicians. For your board’s preparations, you should never be dependent on your teachers. The teacher’s role is only to give you the right syllabus, give you the correct information about the subjects, teach you the course, make you understand the concept, and encourage you.

But! Teachers can’t study on your behalf. If you think that teacher will spoon-feed you, this will not work. You have to take responsibility for yourself. You have to take charge of your life and be responsible for your study. You have to learn things on your own, and you have to apply your brain, etc.

No early preparation- one of the major mistakes students make is preparing a few days before the final boards. It is not at all the right way of studying. If you are appearing for the board examination, you have to be serious about its preparation. You cannot waste your time doing anything productive. You have to understand that even your one is also important. Students who start preparing early manage to get a better score than those who begin their preparation late. So! If you want to score good marks, you have to start preparing for it early. Make sure you have enough time for the preparation. That will help you in better preparation for the examination. When you start preparing early, you will have enough time for revision, which means a good score in the examination.

Last-minute mugging up-  this is the most common mistake students generally make during their board examination. When you study at the last minute, it creates lots of tension and stress in your mind. When you study at the last minute, you will not score better in your examination as there are chances to forget things. The best you can do is start mugging up things months before the examination. Never study a day before the examination. Studying the day before the examination can put you in doubt, stress, and create a lot of pressure. Try to finish your revision early. Never leave anything for the last minute. When you don’t leave things for the end moment, you will find that you are way much more relaxed than before and also it will have a good impact on your studies.

Final Words

The above mentioned are some of the common mistakes students generally make while studying for the boards. Students can learn and study by applying proper strategies to avoid these mistakes. Just like schools use ERP (ERP full form) to manage their work to avoid future problems similarly, you can also start preparing early for your boards.

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