Writing Skills Every Kid Must Focus On

Having at least basic writing skills is a necessity in today’s world. Writing is an intrinsic part of our lives, and it is closely linked to how we communicate. As parents and guardians, we spend years trying to teach our kids how to spell, use the right words, and communicate effectively with speech. While most of us focus on expressing ourselves through speech, the importance of writing skills is not stressed enough.

In this day of technology, where children are adept at using smartphones and laptops, they often forget the importance of basic writing. It is important that our children write well. Not every child has a flair for writing, but writing skills can be developed by taking writing classes. There are many online classes available that you can choose from

Here are some of the writing skills every kid must focus on and can easily learn with the help of online writing classes.

#1. Transcription

If you decide to learn writing online, you will learn about the importance of transcription.  It is the act of producing words. This skill involves handwriting, typing, and spelling. Kids usually struggle with transcription in many ways. Some have messy and illegible handwriting while Others might write very slowly, while some have trouble with spelling.

Taking online writing lessons can help teach children to make use of more than one sense at a time. The best writing classes would help teach techniques that help improve handwriting and help kids deal with challenges.

#2. Sentence construction

In order to write, children need to know how to construct sentences that make sense. However, they often have a difficult time understanding and forming coherent sentences. Formatting sentences is another basic writing skill that every kid must possess. Some of the common challenges children face in terms of sentence construction include:

  • Not understanding the placement of the verbs or verb tenses.
  • Using too simple or incomplete sentences.
  • Stringing together a lot of ideas and forming run-on sentences.
  • Unable to use correct punctuation like apostrophes and commas.

Learning writing helps kids who struggle with the aforementioned challenges. Online writing classes help children with basic and practical knowledge about sentence construction. The lessons are designed in a way that your child can soon differentiate between a statement and a question.

#3. Planning, revising, and editing

We all know that writing is a process. You have to plan, revise, and edit the work to bring out what you want to express in writing. A good writer plans what to write in their heads, then executes those plans into words.

Kids have busy and imaginative minds. In order to write, kids have to juggle around with a lot of ideas. They then have to decide how best to organise these ideas onto paper and how the structure will look.

When your child attends learns writing under guidance, they learn specific strategies that help them streamline this writing process.

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