Why Is Buckwheat Travel Pillow A Must and How Is Buckwheat Hulls Linked?


Whether you are traveling for work or for vacations, your comfort is a factor that you cannot overlook. This is why a lot of people come up with a traveling checklist to ensure that they do not miss out on anything. While you may remember your phone as the first thing on the checklist, it’s important to note down a travel pillow too.

A travel pillow will prove to be your savior, from airplane flights to car rides or even catching a quick nap whenever you get the chance. Without a good travel pillow, you’ll be asking for discomfort and neck cramps. But will any travel pillow do the job? Not really, it’s important to know what features and benefits a pillow is offering you before purchasing it. A buckwheat travel pillow grants several features which you cannot miss out on. Here’s all you need to know about this pillow.

Why Buckwheat Pillow?

Normally when we talk about pillows they do not have a specific name, but in this case, these pillows are referred to as buckwheat pillows. You may wonder why that is. The main reason these pillows are known as buckwheat pillows is that they have a different filling than most pillows.

Buckwheat hulls are used to fill up the pillow, while the exterior is made from organic cotton that allows it to be good for the environment. These buckwheat pillows had originally started in Japan and once they gained popularity the whole world began using them. So why should you consider these pillows?

1.   Grants Relief to Neck and Back

During traveling, you may have noticed that your body begins to ache. Sitting for long hours does have that effect, but it gets worse when your neck cannot rest on anything and this is why traveling with a buckwheat pillow is of utmost importance. Not only will your neck feel relief, but your back will also thank you.

If your posture is not right while traveling it can seriously cause harm to your back and that could be a long-term injury. So why not save yourself the pain and use a pillow like this that would grant your neck and back the comfort they need? With this buckwheat travel pillow, you can travel in comfort with no body pains or discomfort.

2.   Provides Comfort

These buckwheat pillows have certain features which you might not find in other pillows. For instance, while traveling if your seat is uncomfortable you can use these pillows in any way. You can fold them, or you can change the shape to suit whatever sort of comfort you are seeking.

The organic cotton used on the exterior of these pillows provides your skin with the softness and comfort you need. It is a very breathable material that will not let your skin feel any sort of discomfort.

3.   Easy Wash

Hygiene is on the top of most people’s list, especially if one has sensitive skin. Buying pillows that cannot be washed is a waste of money. But you do not need to worry because buckwheat pillows are easily washable. So if you’re worried about the pillow not being clean, then don’t be it’s easy to wash.

This is because the pillow has buckwheat hulls inside them and they are removable. All you need to do is take out the filling, wash the cover and just put it back together once you are done.


Are you still not sure about buckwheat pillows? Because to me, it sounds like the best deal anyone could get for a smooth traveling experience. These pillows have a good reputation in the market and it’s simply because of the features that it provides. Not only will you have the desired comfort while traveling but your skin will also be relieved. Organic cotton is a very environmentally friendly material and is also breathable.

You do not need to worry about this pillow causing any allergies because it has been tested and proven to be good since all the products are organic. Lastly, keep in mind that these pillows are also easily washable so you can wash them before each of your trips. It would save you money from having to rebuy traveling pillows.

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