Who Needs SEO Services to Grow Online in 2022?

Do you have an online business?

If yes, you need SEO to survive in the 2022, period.

Search engine optimization is an organic way to make your digital business stand out in search results. It is a simple source to generate traffic and boost sales, especially after the pandemic.

As per the IBISWorld report, the percentage of business conducted online has spiked up to 5.2% during 2017-22. Thus, you need SEO support to sustain and grow in this highly competitive market.

But does my business need SEO?

Let’s walk through this post to better understand whether your business needs SEO or not.

Business Industries That Need SEO Services Today

Search engine optimization is essential to make your website visible online. Suppose you have a website that sells laptops. In that case, SEO ensures that when someone searches for “best laptops,” your website will pop up on the top or at least on the first-page search results.

A recent study states that the number #1 result in Google has a chance of getting 31.7% more clicks. Therefore, ranking your website on the top of search results is vital for generating organic traffic today.

That means every online business needs SEO services. But the businesses that instantly require SEO support are—

Professional Service Providers

Be it a professional company or individual, SEO is required to acquire high-quality clients by every professional. SEO works the best for professionals like IT, accounts, advisors, and other financial services.

Organizations that are often searched online before an investment needs SEO services the most. It allows customers to preview the company’s performance via testimonials, portfolios, etc.

Local professional businesses also need SEO to attract new customers. In fact, 45% of customers search online before making a purchase.

So, whether you are a big or small professional service provider, hustle up and get your SEO sorted now.

Home Repair and Improvement

The home renovation and repair industry is booming right now. You can easily make your business get a higher search engine ranking using SEO.

For home improvement businesses, local SEO can do wonders. You can better tarter local audiences and show them your past project photos to capture their interest.

Virtual Companies

SEO is extremely important for you if you only have a virtual business. You need SEO services to target a global audience without geo-centric keywords.

SEO will work as a roadmap for online businesses to get noticed by more customers. These businesses include social media marketing agencies, consulting firms, etc.


Like online businesses, freelancers also need SEO support to target global clientele. Moreover, since most freelancers are solopreneurs; thus, they need SEO to generate constant traffic without much effort.

Every freelancer who has a website can use SEO to expand their reach, like freelance writers, photographers, etc.

But to achieve desired results, you have to first invest in high-quality SEO. Freelancers need to invest in quality content, social media marketing, keyword analysis tools, and techniques. Besides this, freelancers also have to align their branding and SEO strategies to drive maximum results.

Medical Services

The medical profession has seen a huge digital dilemma during the pandemic. Lockdowns and social restrictions have made it harder for people to receive medical aid on time.

Therefore, many doctors and other healthcare providers have opted for digital methods to treat patients like video calls, live chat, etc.

Here SEO can help online medical service providers in many ways, such as:

  • Inform users

When you publish quality content targeting relevant keywords on your website, this will help to inform people and drive useful traffic your way. That’s because people want to know as much as they can about a medical service before booking an appointment.

  • Beat the competition

Doctors and dentists have to deal with mammoth local competition. So, here if you target certain local keywords, you can provide a competitive edge to online service.

Real Estate

Real estate is a big-money sector. Thus, there is no shortage of real estate agents and brokers in most areas. Alone in the US, 2 million real estate agents are working.

Besides this, several real estate websites are available worldwide, like Zillow,,, etc.

SEO is the only weapon to help you beat the real estate market heat. You can seamlessly generate organic traffic on your website by mixing local SEO, backlinking, and other SEO strategies, even if you are just starting your real estate business.

Restaurant and Bars

Do you want to make your restaurant or bar the hottest joint in your city? SEO can help you rank your website at the top so more people can know about your business.

You can observe a huge hike in your restaurant business by combining user-generated content and mobile optimization strategies. And of course, targeting local keywords are another big contributor to your business success.

Legal Businesses

Lawyers and legal aids can leverage SEO to a great extent. From your lawyer’s websites, you can show potential clients how you can help them and what your expertise is.

But for this, you have to make your website content heavy. You don’t only need to publish keywords targeting content on your website. In fact, you also need to publish guest blogs on other websites to generate high-quality backlinks and build a positive brand image.

With SEO, you can target specific clients. For example, you can target keywords related to child custody or marriage laws to target divorce clients.

Pet Services

If you are a part of the pet industry – from vets to online pet stores. Then, SEO can help you get recognized by pet lovers.

Depending upon your pet business type, you can use different SEO strategies. For instance, if you run an online pet store like Chewy, you need to create a fast, visual and intuitive website. On the flip side, vets can use content to inform, engage and motivate pet lovers.

Multiple Location Businesses

Companies that provide services in multiple locations need SEO to target the audience at every targeted location. The businesses like retail shops and banks usually fall under this category.

SEO can help you target geographic keywords on a single website. It is a bit challenging to target different locations on a website. But a competent content writer and SEO expert can easily do that.

SEO Is Must for All Digital Businesses

SEO is critical for marketing your brand online regardless of your business industry. Today, if you want to generate leads online, SEO is something that you can not avoid.

As you have already checked, every business needs a specific SEO strategy to grow online. Therefore, you need to first understand your business niche and find a suitable SEO plan accordingly.

Here you can also take professional SEO experts to help to better optimize your website.

That’s it for now! But if you find this post helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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