Which is the type of Best Transparent Cover for you?

Many people use transparent covers for a variety of reasons, and today we will be talking about how you can select the best one for your phone. Transparent back cases offer protection as well as display the original style of your phone, so let us see more about this.

Why are transparent phone covers better than other types?

Transparent phone covers are made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, a specific type of chemical compound that is plastic but still does not melt so easily.

Your phone case needs:

  • Extreme flexibility and heat resistance
  • High elasticity
  • Water and dust-resistant
  • It can be easily affordable

Now, a transparent cover will meet all these criteria so easily. Because transparent cases are built with Thermoplastic Polyurethane, they cannot be torn, have very high strength, and can be used under direct UV rays. In short, a transparent case is a mix of both plastic and rubber.

Other covers do not meet all of these criteria; they may be flexible but not have much resistance. Or, they will be glamorous but not flexible. Transparent cases have excellent heat and water resistance properties, and also the original phone is visible.

Which Transparent Cover Should You Pick?

The choice of transparent cases depends on a number of factors: your budget, your lifestyle, your preference for shock-proof or grip, and your aesthetic preference. All of these factors together determine the choice of transparent cover that you want to use. And note, your budget is also a crucial factor because it is the purchasing power in the end that determines if you can buy a cover you really prefer.

Let us move to the best transparent back cases for your phone now.

Our top picks for transparent phone covers

Transparent cases come in different sizes and for most models in India. Which one stands the best?

We have made an exhaustive list for you to quickly choose from, take a look:

Never Yellowing Silicone Transparent Back Cover from BharatCase

Offering a completely affordable price range and compatible with several models, we chose this transparent cover from BharatCase because it never gets a yellow stain. This happens clearly because of exposure to UV light, which will never happen with this phone case from BharatCase. The best part of this cover is it is completely scratch-proof, does not interrupt your photo, and does not make your phone too much heavyweight.

Transparent back cover from Sprig Store

We have chosen this mobile accessory mainly because of the material this one is made from. With a glossy look made of thermoplastic polyurethane, this shock-resistant cover may be suitable for your phone.

Fusion Clear Case back cover from Ringke

Our selection of this phone cover is based because many phone users want a shock-proof cover, and this cover meets this criterion. If you have a focus on shock absorption as well, you can check this one.

Things to see when you buy transparent phone covers

You must keep in mind these things when you are buying the best transparent covers in India:

Will it overheat your phone?

Most people worry when they use a back cover for their phone, only for a single reason. What if their phone temperature rises in the summer season even if premium cases are used? Phone covers are found to contribute towards phone heating up, so this is an important criterion.

For example, if we are talking about metal cases, they have high insulation and trap more heat. Similarly do leather or rubber cases, which you need to watch out for.

Rubber phone cases are another cover that you should never use if you worry about your phone’s heating. Many people charge their phones while keeping up the rubber phone cover, and that increases their phone temperature quickly.

Generally, transparent cases do not heat your phone as much as compared to the other phone case materials.

Is it flexible enough?

Leather or metal covers are not as flexible as compared to transparent phone covers. Plastic transparent phone cases have higher flexibility and elasticity, which is missing in rubber cases. Similarly, wooden phone covers also do not qualify as the best flexible covers. Leather covers fit better for aesthetics and durability, and not so good for flexibility. Metal covers may be easy to handle, but still do not have the needed flexibility.

Weight matters

Weight is a big factor considering phone back cases. Often premium cases come with hybrid covers or armor covers, which are too heavy to handle. Metal back covers, for example, are made with high-weighted materials that add to the weight of the phone, making it bulky.

Can you resist the heat and accidental fall?

Many a times phone covers either lose their glamour or are simply starting to wear away with time. Take the designed plastic covers for example. They are subject to heat and slowly lose their original tensile strength. Many people tend to skip away their phones as well, which is another factor to be worried about. Designed covers or armor covers may break if they suddenly fall, so better not to go with them.

The last thing: Affordability

Premium cases come with a high price tag, which may eat away your budget. Often affordability is a major benchmark to be aware of while you are selecting the phone cover. The plus point of transparent phone covers is they come in lower as well as higher prices, depending on your budget. The best transparent covers in India offer a large range of price points while electing premium case covers. 


By now, you have got a brief and detailed idea about selecting the best transparent cover for your phone. Flexibility, heat resistance and shockproof matters the most when you are choosing the perfect cover for your mobile. We have provided an unbiased list of the best transparent covers in India, now you select the most suitable out of all these.

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