Trollishly: How Brands Shall Create Duets and Stitches on TikTok?

TikTok is a platform full of unique features that are not present in other social media platforms. The app is growing daily, and new features are also regularly upcoming. Whatever it may be, brands are leveraging these opportunities and are uplifting their recognition on the platform. So in this article, we are ready to cover one of the prominent features called a duet. 

At a particular stage, brands may be out of content. So, to deliver fresh content, you should create duets and stitches during those times. So by providing duets and stitches, you shall get more followers to your profile. Moreover, you can buy tiktok likes and gain fame quickly. This article is a complete guide on duets and stitches. So let’s get deep into the article to know how efficiently it can utilize the feature. 

What Is a Duet Feature?

The duet feature is where the screen will be split into two halves, and two videos will be played simultaneously. Both videos will have the same background sound, but the people will differ. It is the funniest one, where the second creator will recreate the first one’s video and post it on their profile. There are several layouts that you shall use on the split screen. It is possible to customize the duets as per the user’s wish. 

Standard Criteria for Duet Feature

The duet feature shows the humanizing side when we check on the brand. So most duets are performed with the employees. It will provide an excellent experience for the employees, and they may enjoy creating it. So whenever you are planning to do a duet, try to stick on to the trends. If you are performing duets for trendy videos, then there are high chance of your brands getting reach easier. 

The camera’s position plays a vital role in making a trending duet. So check on the angle and check with the video once. Now you shall reposition it and shall make them an excellent TikTok video. Moreover, you should try using Trollishly and make your duets gain more views quickly. 

What Should Be Considered for a Duet Feature?

Brands should allow people to Duet with their videos. The contents of the duets should make the audience recreate your original video. Moreover, brands should use popular music or sound. To allow the users to Duet with your videos, you have to follow the steps below, 

  • The foremost thing is to make your account private. So you have to head on to your profile and should click on the three-dot menu. 
  • Now select ‘settings and privacy’ and then toggle ‘private account’ to off. 
  • The next thing is to make everyone allow to Duet with your video. So under privacy, tap Duet and tap ‘everyone.’ Now anyone shall duet with your brand video. 

3 Tips Brands Shall Promote Their Duets And Stitches 

1. Create A Duet Challenge

It is one of the most exciting ways to promote duets and stitches. First, brands shall create a duet challenge and post a single video on their profile so that the audience would perform a duet with that original video. Then, the audience may publish those duets, mentioning your brand name on their profile. 

2. Share Duets to Your Profile

The duets can be shared by embedding a link on the profile page itself. So the TikTok users who check your profile will know that you allow them to perform duets. It may be encouraging for the audience too. It is beneficial for brands as they can get more user-generated content. To stay ahead of the online competition, you should try using Trollishly and reap better results. 

3. Duet With Other Brands

It is more like a brand collaboration. The reach is much higher if both brands join hands and create the video. So both the brands will be beneficial as well as it would be a visual treat for the audience as well. So if you are a small or start-up brand, join hands with more prominent brands. Then only there will be great credibility and authenticity among the audience. 

9 Steps to Create A Duet

  • First, select the specific TikTok video you wish to create a duet. 
  • Select the share option with an arrow symbol on the right side of the screen. 
  • Now tap on the ‘duet,’ and the app opens a screen where you shall start recording your duet video. 
  • Now you shall fix the layout. The layout is about how two videos will be presented on the screen. 
  • You can even apply the filters, toggle the microphone on and off, change the front and back camera, or shall add on the filters, etc., 
  • Now shoot or record your video. The other video will be played simultaneously. 
  • Now you can tap on ‘post to the story’ and then hit the ‘next button to continue. 
  • Before publishing it, check once or twice and customize your posts accordingly. Once you are done and satisfied with the post, then publish it. 
  • The app automatically adds a #duet tag along with every duet video. 

TikTok Duet Chains

It is just like regular posts, but the duets will be performed with a particular frequency. It drives the brand’s incredible results. Once the chain starts with a single video, then the eagerness should be maintained. So to keep the audience engaged, the brands should create duets and stitches in a chain process. 


If brands include a sense of humor, it is a hit for them. But all the duets should be related to your niche. Brands no longer need to search for influencers; when they allow the duet option, many influencers will recreate it. So searching for influencers will become easy. The above article will help you create successful duets. So brands get ready to develop TikTok videos. If you find the article engaging and happily read it, kindly leave your feedback below! Thanks for reading! Let’s duet more for better reach!

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