Top 8 Reasons To Get The TV OUT Of Your Bedroom

64% of United States households have a TV in their bedroom. 

There is a lot of reason why TV is called a stupid box, cause it makes up stupid and we end up having a TV in our bedroom. 

We know you might debate the things that television has brought the entire world to our home. 

That does not mean we will let it occupy a significant space in our bedroom. Although, having a TV in the bedroom might seem really convenient; as you can relax a bit more in the comfort of your bed after a really long tiring day. 

Doctors and health specialists always advise you to take your TV out of your bedroom. Obviously, there are a lot of reasons for that. 


Top Reasons To Get The TV OUT Of Your Bedroom

As we have mentioned, having a TV in your bedroom might give you an opportunity to relax comfortably, but a short relaxation can actually take a serious toll on your health. 

If you are thinking of taking your TV out of your bedroom, you have made a great decision. In case your better half is not with the decision, here are some major reasons to convince them. So, let’s have a look at all the results. 

Reason 1: More And Better Sleep

It might seem too tempting to watch the latest movie that you have downloaded free of cost from the pirate bay before falling asleep—having a television in your bedroom temptates you to spend more time watching the flat screen, especially when you are tired. 

It hampers both sleep quantity and quality. 

Reason 2: Disrupts Your Circadian Rhythm

The blue light of the television screen signals your body that it is time to stay awake. Enough amount of blue light from the electronic devices’ screen can reduce melatonin, the sleep hormone which is produced by your body after sunset. 

Reason 3: Can Alter Your Dream

The last thing you are thinking about when falling asleep might leave an impact on your dream content. So, if you have watched something scary just before bed or prior to fall to sleep watching it, it can actually result in disturbing dreams or even nightmares. 

Reason 4: Can Delay Your Sleep Time

Along with messing up with your circadian rhythm, and reducing the sleep quality and quantity, when you are being engaged in a television program, it can motivate you to stay away. Eventually, it reduces the total sleep time as you stay awake for longer. 

Reason 5: Might Give You Insomnia

Apart from reducing the production of melatonin, watching television when you are in bed makes your subconscious mind think that bed is the place to stay awake. However, at any cost, it is crucial to ensure your brain thinks the bed is the place to sleep. 

So, you can get insomnia although you might have a tiring day. 

Reason 6: Brings Several Eye Problems

A lot of people mostly watch television in the dark when they are settling into their bed for sleep. The backlights coming from the electronic devices are bad enough during the day; now, just imagine how terrible it can be in the dark. 

Watching TV in the dark can cause eye strain and headaches and worsen your migraine. 

Reason 7: Set An Example For Your Kids

Children always learn from their elders. You might forbid your children to watch television or mobile too much or before going to bed for their health and proper sleep. At the same time, when they see you watching TV while in bed before sleeping, it will influence them. 

Reason 8: Room Serves Purpose

All the rooms you have at your home serve a particular purpose like kitchens are for cooking meals, findings are for having those meals, offices are for working, and bedrooms are for sleeping. When we all start to define the rooms and their purposes better, we will be able to increase their productivity. 

Get Your TV OUT From Your Bedroom 

We believe after reading this article, you have made a firm decision of getting your TV out of the bedroom, and we can be happier. Instead of having the TV in your bedroom, you can think of creating a media room or just setting the television in the living room. 

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