Thought Leaders to Blogs: How to Follow Digital Marketing Trends

Sometimes it feels like the task of keeping up with all the upcoming trends in any field seems insurmountable. Digital marketing trends are always ebbing and flowing, changing even from one month to the next, especially as Google is forever adding new algorithms to its ranking system.

So how do you, as a digital marketer, keep on top of all this change? We are not saying that it will be easy, but if you follow some of the tips laid out below, you should be able to slide into it easier.

Choose One or Two Thought Leaders to Follow

The main problem with trying to grow your knowledge on any subject matter nowadays is the sheer profusion of information available online. You could get overwhelmed quite quickly and then give up on the whole endeavor because of this overload.

That’s why the first thing to do is to pick a couple of thought leaders in your field to follow and that’s all. These thought leaders have been given that moniker because they keep on top of all possible digital marketing trends, so you don’t need to feel like you are missing out.

Having two of these thought leaders send emails to your inbox once a week will ensure you keep your finger on the pulse of whatever’s happening in the digital marketing world.

Attend Webinars Held by Experts Once a Month

Sometimes thought leaders and experts in the digital marketing field will hold webinars where they expound on a particular digital marketing subject for an hour or so. Try to carve out time once a month to attend these webinars, even though it is a big investment of time.

These are usually free or priced cheap enough that they won’t hurt your wallet too much, and they are a font of information in the digital marketing field.

Even if they are a paid venture, they are worth the investment you make in yourself. If you are on a digital marketing team, consider listening to these webinars as a group and discussing them after. It should give you a lot of new ideas to work within the digital marketing field.

Listen to Podcasts on Digital Marketing Topics

There are also dozens of great podcasts, both by thought leaders like Neil Patel and by leading digital marketing websites. This is a great way to get snippets of information while you are driving around or waiting for an appointment. You could even listen to these while traveling for work or play.

The more you use every available medium of information, the better off you will be as a digital marketer.

Subscribe to Some High-Ranking Digital Marketing Websites

Websites like Temi Digital Marketing Blog are a great resource for you to subscribe to. They will send their latest and greatest articles to your inbox, so you can read through what interests you in your free time.

Consider even taking a speed reading course, so you can peruse through dozens of articles in a matter of minutes getting the gist of what they are teaching without wasting too much time.

Try Some of the Techniques Suggested for Yourself

There’s no point in gaining oodles of knowledge if you are not going to apply it to your life. The information becomes pretty much useless at that point.

The same applies to digital marketing. If you are going to gather all this trend information, then at some point, you should start applying it to your business.

Pick a trend or idea once a month and use it in your organization to see if it works. Not every trend will be suitable for your business, but it just takes one good idea to go big, so it’s just a matter of trying until it hits right.

Don’t worry if some ideas bomb terribly. It’s all about experimentation here. There’s no need to get stuck in previous ways of doing things. Also, trying out new digital marketing techniques is fun and a great way to mix things up in your business, preventing things from getting too stale.

Discuss New Trends With Team Members

If you are on a digital marketing team or work with others who are in the same field as you, then taking time out every week to discuss new trends and their viability for your business is crucial. Two heads are better than one in this case.

You and your team members are probably gathering knowledge from several different sources, so the collective force of this knowledge will be great. Use this knowledge to boost your business and try out some new trends.

Many businesses, for example, initially dismissed TikTok as a marketing platform. But when they saw other businesses gaining success there, they tried it themselves with positive results. That’s why it’s important to discuss new trends with your team and then apply it right away.

This way you have real-world data to work with, rather than mere theories.

Which Digital Marketing Trends Will You Try Out First?

Don’t get paralyzed by the various digital marketing trends available for you to choose from. Pick one or two to work with and then go from there.

Also, ensure you keep on top of any new trends by building up your knowledge base and subscribing to some thought leaders.

Did you enjoy the article above? We sure hope so. There are many more articles on related and unrelated subjects on our website, so please check them out.

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