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The Ultimate Guide To Easily Make Instructional Videos

If you are given an option to understand something by reading a book or watching a video, what will you choose? Well, the majority of the people will opt for the video as video representation provides a better picture with a clear understanding. With videos in trend, the whole idea of comprehending things has taken a new turn to help people succeed flawlessly and achieve as expected. As per the video marketing statistics, people get easily convinced to buy your products and services if given information in the form of a video compared to the traditional methods. Video marketing works to boost your brand’s sales and image and deliver crisp details about anything. You can create endless types of video, starting from how-to videos to other informative video content to explain or instruct anyone on any subject.

So, if you belong to the world of corporate, education, or marketing, who needs to create impressive instructional videos now and then. Then, let us tell you that you have landed at the right place. We will guide you to easily make instructional videos to outshine your content through this post.

  • Know your audience

Getting to know your audience plays an essential role in video marketing. Therefore, before simply creating a video on any topic or subject, get in touch with your audience and interview them on specific topics and areas of interest. It is essential to know where the knowledge gap is and what answers your audience is seeking. Considering all these points, use the best video editing tool to create amazing video content by adding relevant information requested by your audience or viewers.

  • Make a script

After you have found out the topic of interest for the viewers, it’s recommended to prepare your story or script in an interesting way to keep the viewers entertained and engaged. With the help of a script, you can communicate your message effectively without forgetting anything. But, ensure that you write your script in a simple language while being straight, crisp, and straightforward. Also, asking for feedback from your co-workers or subordinates is a great help. They can tell you about your content’s plus and minus points from someone else’s perspective and mindset.

  • Record voice-over

Your voice-overs are imperative for successful video marketing. Therefore, you should have an external mic in place to deliver your message clearly to your audience. Apart from this, it is recommended to use a reliable video editing tool with an easy-to-use voice-over feature. Many tools in the market transcribe your voice in real-time so that you can edit your audio while recording. Some of these tools even let you deduct hesitating sounds such as “um and ahs” to make you sound more confident. Plus, it is suggested that you use a quiet place to do all your audio recordings.

  • Record the screen

To get clear, crisp, and quality video, close all unnecessary tabs on your computer screen, including notifications and pop-up messages. Then, start by opening the application you wish to record, after which you perform a few practice sessions. Such kind of practice walkthroughs help you obtain smooth cursor movements while saving editing time. 

  • Establish a connection

You cannot call any video a success until it has established a connection with the viewers. Keeping that in mind, you must focus on generating relatable video content with images and animations so that viewers can easily relate. You can also think of adding some jokes and one-liners in your videos to make your content enjoyable. Moreover, don’t forget that the secret behind a successful video is its length. Try to keep your video length small and engaging as viewers attention span is short, and you don’t want them to get easily distracted while watching your video.

  • Video editing

Video editing might sound challenging, but you don’t have to worry! You can use any professional video editor to make all the changes in your recording in just a few simple steps. Also, these video editing tools won’t cost much in your pocket and feature endless options to make your video look attractive. 

With a video editing tool, you can eliminate unwanted parts from your video while trimming the footage. In your project, you can also add audio narrations and use specific features such as clip speed, sync, etc., in your project. Some of the ways for simple edits are:

  • You can use the Extend frame to adequately explain the concept in your video by splitting the clip.
  • You can also speed up the dull portion of your video recording by using add clip speed and then dragging the handles to speed up.
  • To add focus, you can use animation tools like zoom to focus on vital parts. 
  • Attractive thumbnail

Adding an appealing thumbnail to your video will help the viewers quickly decide whether they want to see your video content or skip away. The thumbnail works as a resting screenshot that provides a gist of your content. Therefore, choose a suitable thumbnail for your video by picking a compelling and clear image. 

  • Device friendly videos

Videos are watched on both computers and mobile devices. So, ensure that your instructional video can work well on all sorts of devices. When you don’t create device-friendly content, it can prevent the viewers from seeing all the data as some functionalities might not be supported on your smartphone, which is very clear on your desktop screen and vice versa. So, always create device-friendly videos for your viewers and give them a clear chance to acquire knowledge. 

  • Don’t forget to share

If your sole aim of creating an instructional video is to increase sales and attract leads, you can promote your content on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Besides, you can also drop your video link on online forums to generate genuine and quality leads. You can also feature your instructional video on your website’s homepage to promote views on the same.


We dwell in the world of automation and technology. Therefore, if you need to promote something, you must follow the best video marketing practices. For creating engaging instructional videos, you need to get everything right. Your aim should keep the viewers engaged by providing clear, crisp, and concise content every time. You can follow the above given simple tips and then create your educational video content to get desired results.

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