The two most beautiful islands of Europe

Most people think about the Caribbean islands when planning a tropical beach holiday. But the Caribbean isn’t the only place offering turquoise waters and sandy, white beaches. Europe has its own range of incredible islands, some relatively unknown to tourism and some being popular holiday destinations. The islands in the south of Europe especially enjoy a topical climate and offer the most beautiful views and unique rock formations. Keep reading to find out what the two most beautiful islands of Europe are.

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Europeans often refer to this place as Cyprus – The sunniest island in Europe. This is no surprise as Cyprus has some of the most beautiful beaches of Europe. Cyprus is situated in the Mediterranean sea. In summer, the weather is very hot and dry, and often reaches 30 degrees Celsius and above.

Winters on Cyprus can be quite unpredictable and rainy, but still very mild with an average of 17 degrees. The people of Cyprus are very kind, because the quality of life is very high on the island. Costs of living and food are low, and with great weather all year around, it attracts tourists from all over the world.


The best city to visit on the island is Paphos. This city is divided into two parts: Upper Paphos and Lower Paphos. The lower part of Paphos is where you need to be if you want to visit some of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Because the beaches are situated in small bays, the water is very calm and clear: perfect for a family holiday.

Paphos enjoys one of the longest coastlines of the island and has many beaches to choose from. Some are fully serviced, and offer beach chairs, umbrella’s, water sports, dicing centers, and more activities. Others have fewer crowds and are more tranquil. Some popular beaches are Coral Bay and Polis.

Paphos also has lots of cultural activities to offer, as there are Roman ruins scattered all over the city. The food in Paphos is a mix between Greek and Turkish: one of the best combinations you’ll ever taste.


Sardinia is an island in southeast Europe, and is the second biggest European island there is. The island is part of Italy and therefore Italian is widely spoken on the island, but also the local language Sardo is something you’ll hear often. Just like Cyprus, Sardinia is in the Mediterranean sea and enjoys a warm and dry climate during the summer. In fact, the island is known for having a “six month summer” that lasts from May until October and reaches temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius. Winters can be rainy and mild, with an average of 15 degrees Celsius.

Cala Goloritzè

The Sardinian coastline is one of the most beautiful in Europe and spans over 1800 kilometers. Most of the beaches have amazing rock formations that are well known among hikers and rock climbers. One of those beaches is Cala Goloritzè. This beach can only be reached by hiking a 3.5 kilometer trail or getting there by boat. However, because this beach is in a protected area, boats are not allowed to dock there.

Cala Goloritzè is known for its impressive rock formation, including the famous needle shaped rock Monte Caroddi, also referred to by the locals as the Aguglia. This rock is 148 meters high and is perfect for daring rock climbers to scale. The beach might be a little difficult to get to, but once you arrive you’ll know it was worth the trouble. It’s a fairly small beach, but you might have it all to yourself if you come early.

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