The Essential Moving to Florida Checklist For New Residents

Florida offers several benefits for people who want warm weather, a vibrant culture, and stunning beaches. Over 400,000 people moved to Florida between July 2021 and July 2022, and there are plenty of reasons to consider joining their ranks. Moving to Florida offers several benefits, from no income tax to escaping frigid temperatures and snow shovels.

Still, making a move to a new state is a massive endeavor. You must ensure that you’re prepared for moving to and living in Florida, and that process starts with the moving to Florida checklist. Knowing what you need to do to ensure a smooth move eliminates stress and helps you focus on the excitement of your new home.

Luckily, you’ve uncovered the perfect resource for packing to move and finding the ideal place to live in Florida. Continue reading to plan and schedule your move today!

Know the Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to consider with any move to a new state, and Florida is no exception. The pros include no state income tax, which will help you save money annually. The housing costs are also quite reasonable compared to other areas in the United States.

The outdoor entertainment and beach scene is among the best in all fifty states. When moving to Florida and leaving your original state, you’ll eliminate winter cold and snow. Residents of the Sunshine State get perks when paying for local attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios.

While Florida offers several perks, you’ll need to adjust to the hot and humid weather during the summer. There’s also a lack of mountains and natural scenery beyond the beaches, which is a difficult adjustment if you’re used to scenic nature. You’ll also need to learn with the crowds of tourists that flock to Florida’s beaches and amusement parks yearly.

Research Cities and Housing Costs

Researching the best cities that stand out when planning to move to Florida is also beneficial. The goal is to find the perfect town and area for your family’s needs and interests. Find cities that accommodate sports, outdoor activities, top schools, and affordable housing.

Search the real estate market to determine what you can afford and which areas you can live in. Sarasota is an excellent area to consider when raising a family. The good news is that Florida has many cities and towns of all sizes, so you’ll find something you love.

Find the Best Neighborhoods

Research the best neighborhoods after finding the cities and towns that stand out to your family. Each city neighborhood has pros and cons, and the proper vibe will create the perfect environment to raise a family.

Consider the location of schools, shopping centers, grocery stores, banks, and your place of employment. Finding a home that provides a manageable commute to and from work and school is critical. If your budget is tight, consider moving a bit further out of town and commuting more to lower the cost of living.

Research Schools

If you’re moving to Florida with your family, the schools in the area are among the most important factors to consider. You’ll find significant discrepancies in the quality of education from one city and neighborhood to the next. The best way to narrow down your options is to research the local schools and find opportunities that provide the best future for your children.

You’ll find plenty of public and private schools near you to consider when planning and packing to move. Sarasota County is known for its impressive school district. It’s one of the best areas to consider moving to when running down the moving to Florida checklist.

Your children can attend any school in Sarasota country regardless of the district you live in. You’ll need to complete and file the appropriate paperwork, but the freedom and flexibility of getting an education is unbeatable.

Work With a Realtor

After you’ve narrowed your options for towns and neighborhoods, the best step is to find a reputable real estate agent, like Ricky Estera, in your desired area to help you find the best homes on the market. Having a top-notch agent makes finding your new home a walk in the park. They’ll understand what you’re looking for and use their extensive network to find homes that fit your needs.

Communicate with them about your desire to buy or rent a home. It’s the best way to start the process of moving to Florida with your family.

Hire a Moving Service

Hiring a moving service and shipping a car to Florida is the best way to move your belongings from your old residence to your new home. Your move will be less stressful when you hire a service for car transportation from ny to Florida. You can focus on driving or flying to your new home and packing everything you need instead of driving two vehicles to Florida.

Attempting to handle each aspect of your move without assistance is a recipe for disaster. It’s always best to hire a moving company to help you pack and haul your belongings. The only drawback of hiring a moving company is its cost.

Establish Residency

The last thing on the moving checklist for your move to Florida is the need to establish residency. Purchase homeowners or renters insurance and set up your utilities and phone service.

It’s best to visit the Florida DMV to get your new license from the Sunshine State. Register to vote and enroll your children in school to make your move official and begin your new life.

Use Your Moving to Florida Checklist Today

Investing in a moving to Florida checklist is the best step toward making your dreams of living in the Sunshine State come true. Research your options for the best towns and neighborhoods, and consider the shopping centers and commute to and from work. Hire a real estate agent to find your new home, and consider shipping a car to Florida for a stress-free moving experience.

Moving to a new state is a massive undertaking, but you’re not alone. Check out more of our Travel and Finance blog content for the best advice for your next move!

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