The Breakdown: Understanding the Cost of Tubal Reversal Surgery

Vasectomies used to be a niche, under-the-table sort of affair for mostly middle-aged men. Not anymore. Now, approximately 500,000 men get the procedure every year.

Vasectomies are easy and relatively affordable, but the equivalent procedure for women is not. Tubal ligation is painful, invasive, and it’s not as easy to find a willing doctor to perform it. And that’s to say, nothing of the financial burden it carries when you decide you want to undo it.

What is the cost of tubal reversal surgery? Today, we take a look at the procedure pricing and other related healthcare expenses.

Cost of Tubal Reversal Surgery

It’s difficult to give a hard number since the procedure has a different price in every hospital. Plus, it’s hard to calculate all the extra medical fees like anesthesia and fertility treatment costs. Generally speaking, though, you can expect to pay approximately $8,500.

Similar to tubal ligation, it’s unlikely that your insurance company will cover the cost. Tubal ligations, like vasectomies, are elective procedures. The United States does not yet view them as a type of necessary birth control.

This can be a bit disheartening, considering the initial procedure usually costs about $5,000 or less. Ask how you can reduce the cost of tubal reversal surgery in Georgia during your consultation.

Why Does Tubal Reversal Cost More?

Tubal ligation is already a tricky procedure that carries the risk of many, many complications. Now imagine correcting and reversing the whole thing to make pregnancy possible again. A doctor is effectively reconnecting your severed fallopian tubes so they work properly once more.

It’s because of the surgical expenses and new complications that the price skyrockets to new levels. Other factors can impact the price as well. For example, if a different doctor has to do the reversal who did not personally handle the initial procedure.

Is Tubal Reversal Surgery Effective?

Many worry that once they have had their tubes tied, there’s no going back. Fortunately, like vasectomies, there is still the potential to undo the effects of the initial procedure. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s worth the risk for the opportunity to have children.

There are a number of factors that will affect the success rate. The most obvious is your age and the condition of your reproductive organs. Even if a doctor succeeds in reconnecting the fallopian tubes, health issues with your uterus and ovaries could reduce its effectiveness.

Another highly important factor is the time that has transpired since you had the first procedure. Long-term healing can sometimes make a reversal quite difficult to achieve. Of course, your physician will advise you of the risks and the chance of success.

Find Out More About Tubal Reversal

The cost of tubal reversal surgery can be quite steep at about $8,500 on average. The reason why it’s so expensive is because, overall, it’s a much more complex procedure. Its effectiveness will depend on how long it’s been since you got it done and other health factors.

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