Tantalising Lighting Trends For Your Dining Room

In many ways, the dining room is the heart of your space and this is the space where you end up spending a lot of time with your loved ones. This is the space where the conversations happen and this is the space where memories are made. You can’t absolutely let this important space be bland at any cost. A dining room deserves an elegant touch and it requires a well-planned lighting layout to accentuate the functionality of the space.

Take a look at the following list that gives you an idea of how you can add a whimsical touch to your living space with exceptional lighting techniques. After all, it’s the aura and the vibe that your dining room flaunts with the lighting designs in the end.

Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is an important part of any lighting layout as this sets the tone of your space and makes your living space visually rich. Over-scaled lighting designs are in trend as they can beautifully adorn your dining room. Chandeliers, pendant lights, and ceiling lights can be the perfect statement lighting designs to start with. You can always complement this lighting design with various elements like table lamps, strip lighting and even home decor.

Enhancing the functionality

Functionality is the most important aspect of your dining space. Even if you don’t focus on ambient lighting and accent lighting enough, you shouldn’t go wrong with functional lighting at all. Try to provide illumination from every angle and if it’s an open plan layout then create zones using lighting. Architectural lighting designs are the perfect for the job as they can be used for demarcating the space effortlessly. Track lighting is an efficient and effective way to provide perfect illumination to the space. You can consider downlights and spotlights too.

Sculptural Lighting Fixtures

Sculptural lighting fixtures are now the best way to enhance the aura of your space as they can beautifully change the face of your space with their unique design, texture and shapes. Sculptural lighting fixtures are easy on the eyes and they add a zesty yet piquant touch to your dining space.

Fabric lighting 

Soft lighting or ambient lighting is a key ingredient to lend a warm and comforting vibe to your space. And there’s nothing better out there than fabric lighting to do the job for your. Fabric lighting designs infuse a distinct modern charm to your living space. Fabric lighting designs exude a soft and warm glow that can lend a gorgeous touch of serenity and tranquility to your living space. Any kind of fabric lighting designs can be chosen for the space, but consider going with a fabric chandelier, table lamp, floor lamp or pendant light as they create stunning focal points in the area and these are the few lighting designs that have a distinct presence no matter where they are placed.

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