Some Intriguing Facts you need to know about March Madness

The National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament is played every March in spring in the United States, also known as “March Madness.” The tournament is known for its single-elimination structure, which creates a lot of enthusiasm and randomness.

In this tournament, 68 college basketball teams, including those nationwide. The term “March Madness” was used in the 1980s for the tournament, and then this phrase became popular.

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Before you start watching March Madness, here we have Come up with some Facts about it to make the tournament more interesting for you:

  • The tournament is structured by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), a group that manages college sports in America.
  • 68 teams are participating in the tournament, coming from everywhere in the US.
  • The team’s selection is based on their performance during the regular season and other factors like their strength of schedule and the performance they gave in conference tournaments.
  • The tournament is based on the single-elimination format, meaning if the team loses one game, they will be directly eliminated.
  • The tournament is divided into four regions: the East, West, Midwest, and South.
  • Every region has 16 teams that are seeded based on their performance in the regular season.
  • The top four seeds in every region get a “bye” in the first turn, which means they don’t need to play until the second Round.
  • The tournament starts with the “First Four,” a play-in round in which the eight teams compete for the last four spots to get into the main game.
  • After the First Four, the main tournament starts with the “Round of 64,” in which all the 64 teams play against each other.
  • The winners of the Round 64 will automatically move on to “Round 32,” and again, they will play against each other.
  • The teams that won the Round of 32 will move on to the “Sweet Sixteen,” the essential regional semifinals.
  • After that, the winners of the Sweet Sixteen will shift on to the “Elite Eight,” the regional finals.
  • After winning the Elite Eight, move on to the “Final Four,” the semifinals of the tournament.
  • Now the winners of the Final Four play in the championship game, which regulates the tournament winner.
  • The tournament is known for its disappointments and wonders, as sometimes the lower-seeded teams often defeat higher-seeded teams.
  • NCAA is also known for bringing a lot of excitement and hype, with fans and media outlets closely following the games that are making predictions about winners.
  • This tournament shows a lot of cultural significance in the United States and the most critical events for college basketball fans.
  • The tournament is continued since 1939. The first-time game only had eight teams, and it was in the 1980s that the tournament prolonged to its current format of 68 teams.
  • The tournament is significant for college basketball players. Winning the game is the highest honor in college sports, and it can also be beneficial for players to start playing football professionally.
  • The event is essential for college coaches and the coach’s reputation and career prospects, which might meaningfully impact their performance in the competition.
  • The competition brings in a lot of money. The tournament brought over $1 billion in revenue for the NCAA in 2019 from TV rights and sponsorships.
  • The competition is also known for including “Cinderella” teams. Some lower-seeded teams surprise higher-seeded opponents and unexpectedly win the tournament. Two notable examples of Cinderella teams are the Loyola Ramblers in 2018 and the George Mason Patriots in 2006.
  • The tournament is known for its “Cinderella” teams. These lower-seeded teams defeat the higher-seeded teams and make unpredictable runs deep into the game. Some popular Cinderella teams include the George Mason Patriots in 2006 and the Loyola Ramblers in 2018.
  • The tournament has a lot of traditions. For example, the winning team cuts down the nets after they win the championship game. Fans also participate in support challenges, predicting the outcome of each game in the tournament.
  • The tournament has some famous rivalries. For example, Duke and North Carolina are the two schools with a long-lasting rivalry and often encounter it in the game.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has badly impacted the tournament. In 2020, the game did not happen, and in 2021, the match was held with some changes to the format and schedule to decrease the risk of COVID.
  • There were so many memorable moments at the tournaments. In 1992, Duke’s Christian Laettner defeated Kentucky in the Elite Eight with a buzzer-beater. In the title game in 2008, Kansas’ Mario Chalmers made a three-pointer and sent it to overtime, which Kansas eventually won.


March Madness is a significant Basketball event in the world of college sports, with an ironic history and many traditions, and it also gives so many memorable moments. The competition is known for its unpredictable upsets and its rivalries.

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