On your backpacking trip? Here are five easy ways to search for a restaurant

Backpacking trips are one of the most exciting things in life and while you are on a backpacking trip, the food that one eats is the support system that keeps the excitement on. Who would want a lowkey, off, and hungry trip? No one! Right. One of the challenging things on a backpacking trip is to find good restaurants throughout your journey. It’s common to rely on restaurants for food as you cannot carry loads of packed food during a backpacking trip as only important possessions go inside your backpack. The difficult part could be finding the restaurants, to your rescue here are some of the easiest ways to locate restaurants. 

  1. Get prior recommendations from friends – Before leaving for a backpacking trip, have conversations with someone who has already been to the same destination before. This will make you aware of what to try and importantly what not to try. Shared experiences lead to better choices while going on a trip. Try adding to your notes the best restaurants recommended by your friends. Word of mouth is the most reliable source when it comes to trusting some recommendations. 
  • Use google search – Mobile phones come with so much functionality these days. On a trip, if for instance, you start craving domino’s pizza, all you have to do is search for ‘pizza restaurants nearby’ and boom! the top best locations are before you. Added to that is the benefit of discounts provided by these brands and the quality of food, Google maps would also help you navigate the outlets. You can also use social media where travel and food bloggers recommend the best restaurants for your experience. The help you can receive from the internet is immense. You can follow hashtags, and save guided posts pre-trip. 
  • Get help from local guides – Who other than localities to rely on during a backpacking trip. Local guides inform the best choices available for food or other essential things. It’s guaranteed that if you ask them for ‘food near me’ they are going to present you with endless options and as they are localities they know which one restaurant has been serving the best food in the town for ages. Instead of directly asking them which restaurant you should go to eat at, get into a conversation with them and try to dig out what restaurant they would love to get for a great experience. 
  • Look for the crowd – Simplest way to find good food is by noticing where the crowd goes. If certain restaurants have a long cue that implies that they might be serving the best food. This doesn’t mean that you should waste your vacation time waiting in long lines but if you are smart enough to find a spot for yourself, chances are that you’ll be served delicious food. To save time, make a list and pre-book your table at whatever places you stop for food. Selecting the best restaurants prior and reserving the table prior would save you a lot of time and that won’t make you starve for food in the middle of your journey. 
  • Read and research before leaving for the trip – While planning for a backpacking trip, read magazines and blogs that will help you with lots of important information. If you have already left for the trip, you can easily buy local magazines on the way and shortlist some famous restaurants suggested in the magazine. Reading travel and food blogs can also provide an overview of the place you are heading toward and will lead you to make better and more economical choices throughout your journey. 

Whenever you head out on a backpacking trip, it changes you as a person as you learn to be independent all through the journey. Food plays an important part in your journey and your choices speak volumes of your personality. Therefore, it is essential to find the right restaurants on a journey to keep your head and heart right. 

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