Nearest Metro Station to Sadar Bazar Delhi

Sadar Bazaar is the largest and one of the cheapest wholesale cosmetics jewelry market of household items in Delhi. In this post, I am going to tell you the nearest metro station to Sadar Bazar Delhi.

So, lets the journey begin…

Nearest Metro Station:

The nearest metro station to Sadar Bazar is Pulbangash Metro Station. This metro station is located on the Red Line of Delhi Metro. It is an elevated metro station.

Distance Between:

The distance between Pulbangash Metro Station to Sadar Bazar is 1.5 Km.

Travel Time:

  • It requires only 20-25 minutes to reach Sadar Bazar if you are going on foot.
  • You can also use public transport which can drop you to Sadar Bazar in 10 minutes.

Route Map:

Below is the Google Map for Sadar Bazar:

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