Nearest Metro Station to NDLS

NDLS refers to New Delhi Railway Station which is located in the New Delhi, India. In this article, we are going to see the nearest metro station to NDLS.

Let’s begin this journey..

Nearest Metro Station:

The nearest metro station to NDLS is New Delhi Metro Station which is located on the Yellow Line of Delhi Metro.

It is an underground metro station.

Distance Between:

The distance between metro station to railway station is just 100 meters only. Once you exit from the metro station, you can see NDLS at a stone’s throw from the exit gate.

Travel Time:

As mentioned above that NDLS is just 100 meters away from the metro station. It only take a couple of minutes to reach there.

If you going to NDLS to board the train, you are requested to take a buffer of 5-10 minutes. The railway station happens to be crowded at sometimes.

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