Level 3 DC Fast Charger Map: Charging Made Easy

Whenever you hit the road in your electric vehicle, it is crucial to know the charging points available on that route to avoid running out of battery charge and getting stranded. A portable charger may always be handy, but it charges slower and delays your trip. To fill up your EV quickly and continue with your journey, you need a level 3 DC fast charger.

But how do you know where to locate these L3 fast chargers, if they are available or in good working condition? Congratulations on finding this comprehensive guide. We will introduce you to the Electrly Level 3 DC Fast Charger Map that will transform your EV charging experience away from home. With no further ado, let’s dive in.

What Are Level 3 DC Fast Chargers

Alternatively known as L3 chargers, Level 3 DC fast chargers are the fastest on today’s market, making them especially useful for long distances necessitating charges in between. An L3 charger can deliver a power range of 50kW and 400kW, adding up to 250 miles in a one-hour charging session. But it depends on the power output and your EV battery capacity.

Level 3 DC Fast chargers use direct current that makes them more powerful than Level 1 and Level 2 chargers and requires specialized infrastructure capable of safely handling high voltage. You won’twon’t find them in residential settings but in high-traffic areas as they are purposefully for commercial use.

Electrly manufactures and supplies a range of EV charging products, and for this article, we’ll briefly look at their Level 3 DC fast chargers lineup. They have three L3 chargers, including the PD20 Series, Rocket FC120, and Turbo FC60. These chargers are compatible with all popular EV makes and models for fast and reliable charging.

Features of Electrly Level 3 DC Fast Chargers

  • High charging power with up to 120 kW and 95% maximum efficiency.
  • Safety features offer protection from electrical risks and unfavorable weather.
  • Easy to use as they can be started by swiping an RFID card and supporting mobile apps.
  • Multiple connectors compatibility for different countries and regions.
  • Low test cost as you can order as little as one charging station.
  • Bulk purchase discounts to get the best value for your investment.
  • Two-year warranty and complete before and after-sale support.

Accessing Level 3 DC Fast Chargers: Apps and Services

Electrly – The Ultimate Level 3 DC Fast Charger Map

Apart from producing and supplying EV charging products, Electrly also runs and maintains a comprehensive EV charger locator on their official website. Users can use the map to conveniently find Level 2, Level 3, and Tesla superchargers near their location. One can search for charging points by city, address, or zip code and add filters like network, connector type, and a station’s stations availability or compatibility.

The Electrly Level 3 DC fast charger map allows you to find EV charging stations quicker and easier. It shows you all the essential details about your preferred charging point in a few clicks of a button.

How the Electrly EV Charger Map Works

Step 1: Visit the Electrly website on your phone or computer.

Step 2: Navigate to the Home page page button and click EV Charging Stations Near Me.

Step 3: Use the search bar to enter a location and more filters to narrow results, or click on your preferred charging station pin on the map to view its details, including charging costs.

As simple as that, you will know which charging station is appropriate for you or map out available charging points when taking long trips.

Other Examples of Popular Charging Station Map Services

As EVs increase on our roads, different players strive to improve the EV charging experience by providing EV charging solutions and apps to find nearby public stations.

●      Third-Party Apps

With a simple online search for EV charger maps, you will find helpful apps specifically developed to locate EV charging stations. They help Ev drivers get real-time data about L3 DC fast chargers, charging speeds, and station availability. Examples of such apps include EVgo, ChargePoint, Plugshare, and more.

●      Google/Apple Maps

In addition to guiding your drives, Google and Apple Maps can help locate Level 3 DC fast chargers along your route. They are easy to use, requiring you to conduct a simple search on the provided search bar and get a list of available charging stations. However, you may not have the luxury of filtering your options, so you must go through all the obtained results to select your preferred charging point.

Why Level 3 DC Fast Charger Maps for the EV Industry?

As EV adoption rises, the demand for a comprehensive Level 3 DC fast charger infrastructure becomes increasingly critical. The need for a Level 3 DC fast charger map arises from the challenges EV owners face in locating fast charging stations efficiently. A Level 3 DC fast charger map is a geographical representation of the available fast charging stations, allowing users to plan their routes more effectively and alleviate “range anxiety,” a common concern among EV drivers.

Besides, the map helps identify gaps in the charging infrastructure and highlights areas where additional DCFC fast chargers are required to facilitate seamless long-distance travel for EV owners. The Level 3 DC fast charger map is also a valuable tool for policymakers, utilities, and private companies to strategize and invest in expanding the charging network based on actual demand patterns.

The L3 map can significantly promote EV adoption by boosting consumer confidence, knowing they can access fast and reliable charging options across their desired routes. Such comprehensive charging infrastructure maps would also foster cooperation among different stakeholders, encouraging the growth of a unified and interconnected charging network.

Benefits of Level 3 DC Fast Chargers for EV Owners

Although Level 1 and 2 chargers also serve the same purpose, Level 3 DC fast chargers are a game-changer whenever one needs a quick top-up. Here are their advantages;

  • Reduced charging time.
  • Increased convenience.
  • Facilitating long-distance travel for electric vehicles.
  • Promoting EV adoption.
  • Cost savings.
  • Environmental benefits.


In conclusion, the need for a Level 3 DC fast charger map has become evident due to the surging popularity of electric vehicles. By addressing charging infrastructure gaps and improving accessibility for EV drivers, the map plays a crucial role that helps accelerate the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation system. Thanks to all key players for their contribution.

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