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Innovative Wall Colour Combinations that will Rule 2022

Excited for the new year? So, are we! It’s not just about the start of a brand new year but also a fresh new colour palette. Colour trends are fast to evolve but 2021 was all about soft, neutral colours that are calming to the sense with a sophisticated overall look. In 2022, we may continue the trend of relaxing tones but with some bold new attractions. Check out some of the top predictions for trending colour combinations for the coming year.

Grey and Green

Top paint companies have declared their most popular shades of the year. PPG, Benjamin Moore, as well as Sherwin Williams have claimed Grey-Green to be the classic new trend. The versatile and sophisticated shades ooze elegance and comfort. It can be used in numerous spaces, in a niche corner of your living room or a pop of colour in your cabinetry.

The tone of grey gives a sense of grounding while green adds a touch of life and serenity. It’s is refreshing but doesn’t cry for attention As such, a perfect colour combination for exteriors as well.

Brown and Beige

2022 is all about being organic and natural. And hence, we also turn to brown and beige shades as perfect canvasses for simplicity and elegance. Shades of brown have a sense of earthiness that can make you feel close to nature and experience a sense of peace in your space. On the other hand, beige tones have a much lighter and luxurious feeling. Using the colour combination can create spaces that help you feel comfortable but also go deep into the imagination.

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Warm Neutrals

Shades of white, beige, and greige with a warmer undertone have become a favourable choice this season. Warm neutrals have a way of making you feel perfectly calm. These shades are perfect for walls and interior decor full of textures and patterns. They open the space up to accommodate new designs and fresh ideas.

Cosy white bedrooms with red undertones can give the perfect blend of calmness and energy. Stay comfortable inside homes as much as you would want to go outside.

Citrus shades

It is the time to feel sunny and sparkly with citrus shades. Whether you talk about sunny lemon or bold tangerine, citrus shades have a way of filling the space with vibrant energy. 2021 was too dull for these exciting shades but we are back to embracing the spirit of life with zesty citrus. Add some fresh new colours with your fruity shades that remind you of life that happens best outside the walls.

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It’s not just colours but new textures and patterns that have also made an entry to fill your home with beauty. Try wallpapers and texture paints to give an innovative look to your homes. These wall colour combinations should be complemented with the right interior décor to create a heavenly space that inspires creativity and fun. Try these brand new shades for your interiors and exteriors to get the most trendy look in your neighbourhood.

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