How to write a great DevOps resume!

Consider that your DevOps experience is simply a combination of your knowledge of software development and that of IT operations! Knowing that, write your resume in a reverse chronological fashion!  

Whether you are an experienced DevOps Engineer or a complete fresher who is writing your DevOps engineer resume for the first time, you obviously need to follow some rules! Remember that a devops engineer’s average salary in the USA is around  $126,750 per year or $65 per hour. This could be an incentive!

 What to include in your DevOps resume?

Make sure to read the job description very carefully even before you start to write your resume!

If you didn’t know, DevOps is a very well-paying job so write your resume appropriately!  Again, go through the job description a few times before you set out writing it !

Be sure to add Applicant tracking system compliant keywords that are ofcourse based on the job description! Remember to sprinkle these keywords throughout your resume!

Be sure to apply the right format

 Write in functional order if you are a fresher or as usual in chronological order if you are well experienced!

Next add your contact details!

Be sure to add your contact details at the top of your resume! Also Include the link to your LinkedIn resume and other social media networks!

After that, include a well written summary!

 Write a two-three line summary that enumerates not only your career goals but states why the employer should hire you! A nicely -written summary must encapsulate everything you want a potential employer to know about you!

Then comes the Experience section!

In this section, include all of your relevant work experience! Try and show the to-be employer that you indeed have what it takes to be a positive contribution to their organization! Remember to write this section in Chronological order again!

Also remember in this section highlight your accomplishments!

Next, comes the education section!

In the very next section, note down your educational qualifications remembering to include your training and certifications! Any merit or certificates you earned could be included here as well! Again write this section in chronological order!

 Remember to Highlight relevant skills!

Here highlight relevant skills that you know are required for the job!

 Write what you noticed was important in the job description along with your industry-relevant skills! Remember to Include soft skills like leadership skills, interpersonal skills and your creative thinking skills! It sounds just great to write about hard skills like Python scripting, Linux, and Docker.  Remember to write this section in chronological order too!

 In order to beautify your resume remember  add an extra section for extra certifications and conferences attended!

Finally dont forget to proofread your resume!

Finally proofread your resume! Re-Check not only for spelling but also for grammatical errors.  

Highlight any part of the resume you really want to stand out, while making sure the resume is easy to read!

A few main considerations to keep in mind!

Included here is a short write up about how including the above-mentioned things is likely to make your resume sparkle!

  • Take the time to thoroughly read the job description.
  • Ensure that there are alot of keywords that are ATS compliant.
  • Make sure you write your contact information
  • Write a short but sweet summary statement or objective statement of a few lines.
  • Include relevant work experience in chronological order.
  • Play up both hard and soft skills
  • Include a section for educational qualifications

Remember that including these things in your resume is very likely to get it noticed! Follow these basic steps so that your resume will look good!

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