How to Use the Power of Social Media to Promote Your Blog

Have you ever wondered how you could easily get more traffic your blog? The answer you may be looking for could be in Social Media. The beautiful thing about utilizing social media is that it puts you in contact with your audience. Things may be a little slow at the start, but as your following starts to grow, you will notice you have an immediate effect upon the world by using and growing your followers. It really brings into the focus the age old battle of why content is king. If you have good content, and people react to that content by engaging with your post on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, then you in turn gain a wider reach and influence on the social platform.

For example Facebook gives you an Insights panel that lets you see how many engagements you have had. Engagements on Facebook are Likes, Comments, or Shares. As one would expect shares broaden your influence because someone takes your content post which may be an image or a link to a piece of content on your blog, and they put it on their profile for all their friends to see. This leads to more likes from friends of your followers because they think Hey! He likes this so I should like it to! But this is only one way to get more followers. When you have more engagements, this tells Facebook that this is a quality piece of content and they should make it pop up in more peoples newsfeed that have already liked your page.

Now you may be wondering, how can I get followers to start if i don’t have any followers already that are going to like and share my posts? There are several ways to go about this. You can put a link to your Facebook or a Facebook Likebox on your website. This way your audience you already have procured will see that you also have a Facebook and they will follow you if they also have a Facebook. This is an easy way for them to stay up to date with the content that you post. Since not as many people use EMail in this day and age, this is a great alternative to a newsletter that will keep your followers up to date with your latest and greatest content. Once again content is key, that’s why people follow you, if you write your own content you should always be trying to improve and provide exactly what it is your followers are following you for! If you’re running a page about Muscle Cars Doing Burnouts, Then you have a very targetted and direct audience that is looking for one specific kind of content. After awhile of posting on Facebook and Twitter you can start to get a feel for what types of posts get the most engagements. Many people will post Videos and Pictures on their Facebooks and Twitters because people seem to love this type of content as it is a form of instant gratification for them as far as reading and enjoying the pages and people they have followed.

Pay To Play

Facebook also allows you to pay for followers to get your page off the ground. This is great and in some cases can become very affordable! On Facebook they let you target your potential audience using keywords. This is then matched with people depending on what they have liked. Then your ad will show up in their newsfeed and they will have the option of liking the page. This is where the cost of your likes will be decided. An impression is when the person is presented with your advertisement for your page as they scroll through Facebook. A like is when they actually click “Like Page” on that advertisement. Now depending on your Impression Vs. Likes is where your cost per like is to be established. The more people you can get to click like the first time that page ad comes up on their newsfeed, the better your CPL or Cost Per Like will be. So keeping with our theme of Muscle Cars, If my page is titled Muscle Cars Doing Burnouts, Then I can narrow my targetting to say 25-65 year old males from the United States that have liked “Muscle cars”, and “Burnouts”. This is very targetted, So if my content and advertisements are on point then I should be able to expect a fairly decent CPL.

Twitter also offers a service very similar to Facebooks Advertising. They have Twitter Advertising which lets you target and gain followers in much the same manner by selecting an interest they may have liked or posted about, and spending the money to have them follow you if they like what they see. The best part about this is that you have complete control over the advertisement that they see, and who see’s the advertisement you have created. This means you can test and tweak until you have an advertisement that is performing at the level you so crave.

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Content Is King?

Since the dawn of the internet, blogs, and webmasters trying to gain traffic, there has been the discussion on what is the most important part of the whole game. The answer has and always will be Content. in my opinion. Content is what people are after when they come to your website or social profile. They should have some kind of idea on the content they expect to see when they visit you. They are almost always looking to create some kind of emotional response while reading you content, whether that emotional response is Laughter, Power, or Inspiration, They are surely looking to gain something from the experience.

So it is your job to create and manufacture the type of content that is going to make people want to come back to your blog or social profile over and over again. Using the same example we used prior with the Muscle Cars Doing Burnouts, these people are undoubtedly looking to see old school muscle cars that are doing burnouts, that is their hobby, that’s what they like. They don’t want to visit that page and see a Mini Van crashing into a wall, though that is slightly related, the key is to have your content be exactly what they are after! So in this case the best type of content would be Videos, Photos, or Articles such as “The Best 10 Muscle Cars of All Time”. See how the content almost perfectly matches what they would expect to see when visiting the website? That’s what people love. They know why they liked that page, and then it is up to you to deliver the content that they really want to see!

A Good Title

So now that you have your social profiles setup and your constantly creating content and linking to it, you may be wondering why it isn’t performing as well as you’d like? One sure fire way to get the response your looking for is to have a crafty and well written headline for your content. Lets say I have created a post on my blog labeled “A Muscle Car Does A Burnout” and I have another post titled “One Of A Kind 69′ Ford Mustang Does A Burnout! [VIDEO]”. It’s the same content, but the title is slightly different. The second title offers up more information on what’s waiting for them at the other side of their click, while the first one is bland and leaves them wondering if it’s worth their time to visit the website and check it out. You can get creative with this and really perfect your title writing to get your audience stoked and excited to get to the website and see what you have created. Get creative with it!

A Little Recap For Your Social Media Pages

  • Have Good Content, With Good Titles To Match!
  • You Can Pay To Get More Followers, That Results In More Traffic in The Long Run
  • Make Sure Your Content Matches What They Came To See!
  • Make Sure You Update Atleast Once A Day, Don’t Starve Them!
  • Stand Out and Be Creative!
  • Use Social Media Insights To Track Your Progress
  • Stick With It!

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