How to Take Herbal Supplements for Anxiety and Stress

A report from early 2023 showed that close to 30% of Americans suffer from anxiety.

One of the first things that we do to alleviate stress and anxiety is to take medication. But almost all prescription drugs have harmful side effects that might prolong the problem.

So what’s a better solution or alternative to prescription medicine? You might want to consider taking herbal supplements for anxiety.

Here are the best herbal supplements to consider:

Deer Antler Herbal Supplements

Deer antler velvet is one of the best anxiety herbal supplements available no matter how intense your ailment is.

It offers many benefits that’ll reduce your anxiety and stress. First, it’ll help boost your immune system. It also helps you build strength and performance when exercising.

Because it improves your overall well-being, it’ll offset any of the anxiety or stress you’re feeling. Make sure you add this herbal supplement to your list. You should also speak to your doctor before you take it and what the ideal dosage is for your needs.


Kava is a drink that comes from a nut native to Oceania. The native peoples of these island nations have long used Kava to treat their anxiety and stress.

In recent times, many Westerners have turned to Kava to do the same. Just be careful as too much Kava can cause certain liver issues.

You must also be aware that Kava is a strong drink and can cause a feeling of euphoria when you drink it.

Chamomile Tea or Raw Chamomile

Often, the main reason why you’re feeling anxiety and stress is that you’re not rested. This can mean that you aren’t sleeping enough. Or you might be hyperactive during the day and seldom wind down.

Chamomile tea is a great option to help you rest throughout the day. If you have difficulty sleeping, you might want to drink this tea before bed. It’s a much safer option than taking sleeping pills.

However, you want to make sure that you never drink chamomile tea in excess. This kills your productivity and can cause you to fall asleep much faster.

If you’re not a fan of tea, then you can also eat chamomile raw. This is a bit harder to digest but it can often be more effective. But chamomile has long been used as one of the best herbal supplements to treat anxiety and stress.

Make sure you also drink lots of water with your chamomile intake. You have to balance your chamomile intake with something else. Never consume soda or alcohol with chamomile.


The lavender flower is great for reducing anxiety and stress. It’s one of the oldest remedies on our list. There are also different ways to use lavender as a herbal supplement.

One of the most pleasant ways is to grow lavender flowers in your garden. The aroma of lavender is often sufficient to make you feel calm. You might even consider using lavender body care products. A hot bath using a lavender bath bomb can make a huge difference.

You can also eat lavender but you have to be careful. For some people, eating too much lavender can cause severe headaches. You can also experience bowel issues. 


Now we’ll get to the most controversial herbal supplements! In recent years, we’ve seen more adoption and legalization of cannabis.

Many advocates assert that cannabis, in certain forms, can reduce anxiety and stress. This can often come in the form of CBD oil. These oils have a low THC content. This means that you won’t get the euphoria or hallucinatory effects that come from smoking cannabis.

More research is being conducted on how cannabis can help with your anxiety and stress. However, it must be stated that there’s no hard evidence at present.

You can still speak to your doctor if CBD products are ideal for you. Some people will use them to feel relaxed after a stressful day. For others, regular intake of CBD products can make them feel a sense of calm on a regular basis.

However, you must ensure that you don’t develop an addiction to CBD products. If you have an addictive temperament, it’s best to avoid taking these products. When taken in excess, they’ll cause severe harm to your physical and mental faculties.

Best Practices When Taking Herbal Supplements for Anxiety

Now let’s end by looking at a few best practices when taking herbal supplements.

As mentioned earlier, you want to always speak to your doctor first. They’ll advise you on how to take herbal supplements without causing harm. They’ll also help you decide which herbal supplements are best for you.

You must balance your herbal supplements intake with a proper diet. Make sure you eat sufficient calories and macronutrients. You must also drink water on a regular basis.

You also must cut down on anything that’s adding to your anxiety and stress. Avoid eating unhealthy foods. Eating such foods will negate your herbal supplement intake. 

Make sure you also reduce or avoid drinking alcohol. You must avoid taking drugs completely. Your diet should also get balanced with a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise has to be part of your daily routine. At a bare minimum, you should go for a short walk each day. If you can also participate in a sports or gym session that’ll help.

Make sure you also enjoy your life outside your work. Socialize, have hobbies, and wind down every once in a while. This will help you live a balanced life and free up your anxiety and stress.

Take Care of Yourself

Now you know the ideal herbal supplements for anxiety and how to live a healthier life.

The best option is deer antler herbal supplements. This will boost your energy and your overall health. In the long run, it’ll reduce your anxiety and stress.

Other options include Kava, chamomile tea, lavender, and cannabis products. These can help but they also have side effects that can make your internal health much worse.

Follow these steps and you’ll have less anxiety. If you’re feeling relaxed now, you’ll feel great reading our other health tips.

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