How to Select a Tax Preparer: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know the IRS receives over 160 million tax returns each year?

Tax season can be a stressful time because it often involves filling out various documents. However, a tax preparer can help you avoid stress by taking care of everything for you, but only if you choose the right one.

Before you select a tax preparer, you should know about the necessary steps for ensuring that one can benefit you. Fortunately, this guide has all the info you need.

Read on to learn how to find the best options for tax preparers!

Check Qualifications and History

When seeking options for tax preparers, one of the first things to do is check a preparer’s qualifications and history. Several types of tax preparers exist, and the legitimate ones are registered with the IRS.

You can determine whether a tax preparer is legitimate by checking the RPO Preparer Directory. If the tax preparer doesn’t appear in the directory, you may want to look elsewhere.

Learn About Rates

After checking a tax preparer’s qualifications and history, the next thing you can do is learn about their rates. The quickest way to do so is to contact them, though some may include them on their websites.

When contacting a tax preparer, they’ll want to know more about your tax situation to better determine what’s necessary. Because of this, prepare all of your documents beforehand to simplify the process.

The amount a tax preparer charges depends on a variety of things, including experience, demand, and required services. If you require a tax preparer to do a plethora of tasks, you can expect to spend more than you usually would.

Read Online Reviews

No matter what kind of tax service you require, reading online reviews is an effective way to find out whether someone can help you.

If a tax preparer has mostly positive reviews, you’ll likely have a good experience with them. However, ensure you read some negative reviews to understand the problems that others have had.

Ask Questions Before Signing

The last thing to do is ask questions before signing a document. If something doesn’t seem clear to you, have the tax preparer provide as many details as possible. A good tax preparer will ensure you’re not confused throughout the process.

Not only should you understand what you’re signing, but you should also know the basic rules surrounding taxes. For example, knowing about the IRS tax penalties will help you when preparing for tax season in the future.

Now You’re Ready to Select a Tax Preparer

After reading this article, you have all the basic info to select a tax preparer that can suit your needs. With this info, start searching online for various tax preparers as soon as possible. Doing so before the tax filing deadline will help you avoid penalties.

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