How To Remove a Business From Google My Business and More

If you represent a business on Google My Business, it’s essential that you keep tabs on all elements of your account. It doesn’t matter how established or highly-rated your organization is, your online brand is always at risk of being compromised if things are mishandled.

We should mention that you shouldn’t feel as though you’re being bothered by any of this information, as it all serves to help you out in the long-run.

Whether you’re wondering how to remove a business from Google My Business, or you want to get one of your competitors taken off, this article has got you covered.

Keep reading to find out more.

Mark Your Business as Permanently Closed

In order to mark your business for permanent closure, there are a few steps you need to take. First, you will need to remove your business from Google My Business. Begin by logging into Google My Business and navigating to your profile. From there, select “Info” from the left-hand navigation and expand the “Additional Details” section.

Select “Mark as Permanently Closed” from the pop-up menu. Once selected, confirm the action by selecting “Mark as Permanently Closed” once again. To confirm the update, you will receive an email notification. Make sure to familiarize yourself about business sale tax implications to know you are not breaking any law.

Remove Profile Content and Managers

To remove business profile and remove profile content and managers, begin by signing into the business account you created. If you can’t access the account, contact Google’s support team for assistance.

Once you’ve accessed the account, select “Info” from the Business Profile menu. From here, select the “Remove Profile” button. Confirm your choice by selecting “Permanently Remove Profile.” To remove managers of your accounts, select “Managers” from the same Business Profile menu.

Then click “Edit” and use the “X” button next to the manager’s account to remove them. To remove content, such as images and reviews, select the content from the Info menu on the business profile.

Report Business Profile/Suggest Edit That It Doesn’t Exist

If you feel the need to take down a business from Google My business due to it no longer existing, you can use the Report a Problem box to suggest a change. First, enter the business address, phone number, or website in the search bar.

Then, click on the business listing and select the “Suggest an Edit” option. Finally, choose the ‘this business does not exist’ option, and provide an explanation as to why you believe this to be the case.

Google My Business will review your request and take the necessary action if deemed appropriate. In addition, you may also contact the local government or chamber of commerce to inquire about the validity of the business. This shows due diligence in verifying the status of a business before reporting it to Google My Business.

Learn How to Remove a Business From Google

On how to remove a business from Google isn’t difficult. With the right steps and tools, your business can be removed from Google My Business in no time. If you need assistance, contact a Local SEO agency to help you with the process.

Make sure you understand the process and follow the steps closely to be sure you’ve properly erased any traces of your business from Google My Business.

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