How to Identify Ideal Office 365 Migration Companies?

Microsoft’s Office 365 software suite is a constantly evolving product. Enterprises have a hard time choosing between different Office 365 service package that have a variety of services bundled in. As a matter of fact, enterprises hardly utilize all the services included in the entire package. This is a gross wastage of money. This is where Office 365 migration companies step in to help enterprises choose the best service package that are perfectly suited to their needs. Their support is necessary right from the time when an enterprise contemplates shifting to the Office 365 platform to its actual deployment. On this note, here’s looking at the top 3 ways to identify the best Office 365 migration partner.

Ability to understand your needs– An experienced Office 365 migration consultant is always on the top of the newest Microsoft product updates. This helps them match an enterprise’s business needs to the newest Office 365 service packages. Consultants audit their client’s present business processes and their IT infrastructure to understand the latter’s level of requirement for the Office 365 service suite. They use these insights to create an Office 365 migration roadmap that is a perfect fit for an enterprise’s present as well future needs. This helps enterprises avoid overbuying of features that will never be used in the future.

Ability to break department siloes– Different departments in an organization tend to follow a separate workflow. They adopt different approaches to solve a common issue and are quite rigid about their approaches. There are chances that such an organization will end up buying separate Office 365 services suite for the departments. This is undoubtedly a gross wastage of money. An experienced consultant will help standardizing all the varying processes into one. For instance, email management can be a perpetual issue for every department. The consultant will help choosing a service package that will help address the issue for all the departments instead of a siloed approach. They are expected to train the users to adapt and function seamlessly on the new Office 365 platform.

Responsive to your needs– The sign of an ideal service provider is their responsiveness to their client’s queries throughout the different stages of migration. These stages include business assessment, migration, deployment, optimization, management, governance, and so on. Microsoft constantly updates the features of the Office 365 product. This means that there will be constant changes in the way of operating different Office 365 services. This reinstates the importance of a consultant’s constant guidance and responsiveness to their client’s queries. Enterprises should prefer service providers who have consultants located at different time zones. This allows a service provider to provide a round-the-clock support to their clients.


In a bid to save on the consultancy fees, enterprises tend to conduct the migration on their own. But the risks involved in it can cost an enterprise more than the consultancy fees. The risk of data loss and sub-optimal migration will create additional burden on the existing IT team. The presence of a consultant is always deemed necessary in such situations. Relying on them will allow enterprises get Office 365 migration related issues solved without hampering their daily operations

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