How Much Does It Cost To Book A Coworking Space In Noida?

Coworking spaces have become a necessity in 2023. Post the pandemic, the demand for shared office spaces has skyrocketed. Companies have identified the advantages of operating from a coworking space rather than getting into the nitty-gritties of renting or buying an independent office. The convenience that coworking spaces offer is unparalleled and decision makers are always on the lookout for a complete solution.

One of the cities that has seen unprecedented demand for coworking is Noida, Uttar Pradesh. After the pandemic, enquiries, walk-ins and conversions have surged and employers are now keener on their teams working out of a coworking space. The cost and convenience for employers is high since real estate is still relatively cheaper in Noida than compared to Gurgaon.

Coworking spaces in Noida are becoming the top choice for startups and MSMEs without the hassle of finding an independent office. Ready to move in offices are the future, and Noida is banking on it.

So how much does it cost per seat at a coworking in Noida? Here’s a top 5 list, in no order of preference, with prices.

Top 5 Coworking Space in Noida

  1. Amigo Office, Sector 8

Price starts at Rs. 6500 per seat.

Good Location

Hosts regular events


Price Starts at Rs. 19,500 per month/per seat in a private cabin

Pros: Lavish and modern workspace.

          Convenient location for members travelling by private transport.

          Staff is courteous and

          Very focused on community building

Price starts at 6,000 per seat/per month in a private cabin.

Pros: Modern interiors

Privacy in all team rooms

Great for startups

Price starts at 9,700 per seat/per month in a private cabin.

Pros: 3 workspaces in Noida

          Pleasing interiors

          Excellent amenities

Price Starts at Rs. 9,690 per seat/per month

Pros: Great interiors

          Supportive Staff

          Excellent Amenities

While looking for a coworking space in Noida, always consider the price to product ratio. While amenities are important and can be a criterion for many, most coworking spaces offer all basic amenities like free Wi-fi, tea/coffee, limited number of printouts per month, and access to meeting rooms. Don’t fall for just the bells and whistles but see how a coworking space or a shared office space in Noida can increase your or your team’s productivity while making it a memorable experience.

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