How Many Chiropractic Appointments Will You Need to Fix Your Back?

Are you among the 39% of adults dealing with back pain? If so, you’re probably looking for the best pathway toward relief. But you may wonder how much time you’ll need to commit if you’re hobbled with a shoulder or neck problem.

Chiropractic appointments can make a big difference. How many will you need? Read on to find out!

Know When a Chiropractor Is Helpful

A chiropractor is helpful when you experience back, neck, or muscle pain that disrupts your day. After a back injury, you may be experiencing chronic pain, in which case, seeking treatment from a licensed chiropractor makes sense. 

Generally, you can expect a physical exam first when you see a chiropractor. They’ll look at your history and lab tests to put together a plan of chiropractic care. You may be dealing with migraine pain, for instance, or a frozen shoulder. 

Try to go with a local chiropractor to make follow-up appointments easier to access. Look for a chiropractor in Fenton, MO, or wherever you live.

Understand What Treatment Entails

Chiropractic visits can include several different treatment methods. The type of method may determine how many appointments you need, ranging from two weeks to six months.

During a visit, you may get a spinal adjustment. This is when the chiropractor adjusts your spine to help ease pain and free up a wider range of movement. 

Some treatments may include massage to help tension. Your chiropractor will attend to soft muscle tissue and joints using slow and intentional movements. In other instances, you may learn stretches and exercises during your visit that your chiropractor asks you to complete at home. 

Determine How Often Visits Are Useful

Finally, you’ll want to know how often to see a chiropractor. There’s not a blanket answer for every person. And your level of pain and condition will inform the right answer.

For instance, you may need to go every week for some pack pain or neck conditions. You may also need to go several times per week at first for adjustments. Fortunately, visits normally last no longer than 15 minutes, so they won’t interrupt your day.

Whiplash could require weekly chiropractic appointments for six months. Sciatica, by contrast, might only require around four visits to see results. 

In general, after a few weeks, your visits will be less frequent. Over time, you may only need to go in every few weeks for maintenance. In total, you can expect a treatment cycle that includes at least twelve visits for many typical pain-related issues.

Schedule Your Chiropractic Appointments

Chiropractic appointments can help alleviate issues like neck and back pain. For severe problems, you may need to go in for treatment as often as four times a week initially. But within a few weeks, the visits can taper to every two weeks or so to ensure you’re feeling good.

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