How is ABHA Card Making Healthcare Better?

In 2021, the Indian government launched the Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) card under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission. Previously known as the digital health card, the ABHA card aims to tilt the Indian healthcare system towards digitisation. The decision to launch ABHA cards benefitted both individuals and healthcare service providers. Using this card, you can digitally store and share your medical history with your primary healthcare provider. It will significantly reduce the critical care response rate across the country, prompting improved and faster access to healthcare services by everyone.

If you have done the cowin application registration earlier to book your COVID vaccination slot, you won’t face any difficulty while getting your abha card registration done. The process will be smooth because the government has integrated the Arogya setu app with Ayushman Bharat Health Mission. So if anyone doesn’t want to install any new applications, they can get their ABHA card and link it with their Arogya Setu app. To date, millions of Indian citizens have registered for ABHA cards, and the number is expected to increase in the coming days.

ABHA has already started helping people and the healthcare sector in general. To understand how ABHA cards improve the Indian healthcare sector, check the following points.

Easy Sharing of Medical Records

Maintaining and carrying multiple medical reports, including prescriptions, laboratory reports, etc., can sometimes be challenging. This problem can cause serious trouble if you travel far to visit a doctor or clinic and accidentally forget to bring some essential medical reports.

Fortunately, such problems are a thing of the past with the new ABHA cards. Users registered under this account can now digitally share their important health records with doctors, insurers, clinics, etc. ABHA cards ensure your health records are always with you, without the need to carry physical documents. It has made it easier for patients to access healthcare.

Access to Trusted Doctors

Finding verified doctors can be troublesome for people moving to new places. But ABHA card holders have nothing to worry about. Your ABHA account can access a verified doctors’ library nationwide. The doctors’ list is in the Healthcare Professional Registry and the Health Facility Registry.

As an ABHA card holder, you can access these registries to bridge the gap between patients and doctors. So if you haven’t applied for your ABHA card yet, apply it at the earliest and get your account verified by taking the appointment.

Secure Digital Storage of Medical Records

The best part about ABHA cards is they allow people to store their medical records securely in a digital platform. If you have signed up for your ABHA card, you can decide with whom you want to share your medical records.

The consent given by you can be permanent, temporary, or time-bound. It provides full power to ABHA card holders and also makes it easier for doctors and other healthcare service providers to determine the right course of treatment.

Easy Linking to All Healthcare Schemes

If you are registered under one or multiple healthcare schemes provided by the government, abha health card download allows you to link them all in a single place. A quick glimpse into your account will inform you of the benefits you are entitled to receive with other relevant details. It will promote convenience for both healthcare service providers and ABHA card users.

If you want to make your doctor visits pleasant and smooth, you should consider using your ABHA card. ABHA gives you a unique 14-digit number that links all your health details and records in one place. The best part about using this health ID is that you can sign-up and opt-out whenever you want. As more people start using ABHA cards, healthcare service providers can better understand the individual’s health condition and quickly proceed with the right course of treatment. You shouldn’t think twice before getting an ABHA card with so many benefits.

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