How Employee Recognition Improves Your Business

Today, about 40% of employees surveyed said that their employer recognizes them a few times per work week. If more companies knew just how impactful employee recognition is, these numbers would likely be greater.

You can formalize the way that you honor and recognize your employees by setting up strategies, tiers, and awards. These tips will help you learn more about employee recognition, why it helps, and why it should stay a focus for your business.

Employee Recognition Increases Engagement

Your workplace will be more engaged when you have an employee recognition plan. The last thing you want is an office full of people who are just passing time with no real motivation.

The best employee recognition programs reward people for what they’ve accomplished, while encouraging and motivating them to accomplish more. This means that your employees will be more productive and likely to do their best work. Engagement is important for millennials and Gen Z’ers. Both groups seek more meaning from their careers than previous generations and are also more likely to switch jobs multiple times.

You’ll Build a Strong Workplace Culture

Having a strong workplace culture makes your company a place that people want to work. This decreases turnover and helps you keep your all-star employees year after year. When the culture is strong, people will also give their best effort and have excellent attitudes each day.

Establish themes that your employees should strive for and include them in your mission statement. This allows you to know that everyone is moving in the same direction for the betterment of the company.

Recognition Flat-Out Works

Aside from making your employees feel recognized because you value them, it also gets proven results. Human beings, like all other organisms, do things in life based on motivation. People will feel far more motivated to perform and excel when they are rewarded for it.

You can incentivize them with things like extra time off, paid bonuses, gift cards, branded merchandise, and prizes. Figure out what kinds of rewards your employees will appreciate the most and include them as part of your employee recognition plan.

It Makes Your Workplace an Attractive Destination

When you focus on employee recognition, the word will spread that your company is a great place to work. This will make recruitment easier and more effective. Before you know it, the best and brightest will apply to work at your company.

This is more possible today, as there are websites that allow employees to rank and review their experience working at a company. Think of recognition as a long-term investment in your company’s brand and the goodwill will keep paying for itself.

Recognize Your Employees

These tips explain why employee recognition programs are so helpful. You can take advantage of them and improve your business regardless of your industry. Meet with your leadership team to start establishing plans for a formal employee recognition program.

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