Honda vs. Mazda: Which Brand Offers the Best Value?

Take a guess which auto manufacturer is the world’s largest. It’s not Ford, Chevy, or even BMW. That title actually goes to Japan’s Honda.

Honda has produced 400 million vehicles, at a pace of 14 million ICE engines every year. It’s a skilled manufacturer with a reputation for reliability and affordability. It does, however, have a neighboring competitor in Tokyo: Mazda.

Mazda is another Nippon auto manufacturer, and clearly a capable one. A world-renowned brand with luxury and budget vehicles. Tough competition for Honda, to be sure.

When you head to the dealership, it’s Honda vs Mazda. Which offers the best value, all things considered?

We hope to settle that debate once and for all. Keep reading before you make the big decision: Honda or Mazda?

Honda vs Mazda Reliability

Reliability tends to be the biggest factor for any car buyer. After all, you want a vehicle that won’t leave you stranded on some remote highway. You want it to start up every time and run smoothly once it does.

Let’s cover a few key aspects of general reliability for both vehicles.


Honda is the clear winner when it comes to durability. From the chassis to the powertrain, it has endurance you can feel.

Honda cars have excellent construction at an affordable price. Compared to other vehicles, they have much longer lifespans. They also have an excellent five-year or 60,000-mile warranty.

Mazda has the same warranty. They are picking up in terms of durability as well. While it may not be Honda’s level of excellence, recent Mazda models can carry their weight.

What really makes the difference here is how cheap Honda is for such great durability. Mazda leans more towards premium, enjoyable-to-drive vehicles. That, unfortunately, has driven them to make sacrifices.

Repair and Maintenance

Reliability isn’t just about lasting forever. It’s about how easy it is to repair–and how long repairs endure. For this one, we give the crown to Honda.

For starters, Honda is cheaper to maintain and repair. It embraces the philosophy that owners should be able to fix their own vehicles. For those who don’t mind a bit of elbow grease, choose a Honda.

Further, Honda is such a large brand that more auto shops have its parts. More technicians are familiar with its designs. All in all, you’ll have better luck finding a repairman for your Honda.

Gas Mileage

This one is a bit tricky. Both cars have exceptional proprietary fuel-saving tech. The one that’s better for you will depend on how you use it.

For example, Mazda uses “SkyActiv.” The system carefully balances fuel efficiency with engine performance. It was so good that several enthusiast magazines praised it upon its reveal.

The key to the system is a finely tuned compression ratio. The air-fuel mixture maximizes every single drop of gas. The result is that the Mazda uses 30% less gas than comparable cars.

Honda, on the other hand, has their own eco-mode. Its intelligent assist system provides a slew of options for maximizing fuel efficiency. It’s more about multi-variance fuel efficiency than a spec-sheet number.

It’s a tough call. Make your decision based more on other factors in this article.

Honda vs Mazda Design

Like everything else on this list, both brands cater to different desires. Honda is for the everyman, prioritizing function over form. Mazda appeals to enthusiasts of sexy cars.

Both cars look great, just in different ways. In recent years, Honda has focused more on technology-enabled experiences. That means superior infotainment, great smart features, and AI-enabled safety.

More than anything, Honda wants to be user-friendly. They create the sorts of cars that people can step into and drive. No fiddling, no reaching for the user manual required.

Mazda Designs

Mazda employs the opposite strategy: form over function. They really try to breathe personality and realism into their designs. Their car bodies mimic the curves of nature and obey the laws of aerodynamics.

We could go on all day, but the answer is a simple one. If you don’t care what your car looks like, Honda is for you. But if aesthetics mean something, Mazda might be the ticket.

Honda vs Mazda Performance

If you could reduce Honda to a sentence, it might be this: getting people from A to B. Mazda, however, wants to make that A-to-B voyage a thrill. Honda vs Mazda performance is easy; Mazda takes the cake here.

This isn’t to say that Honda lacks punch. On the contrary, these are tough vehicles that can pull their weight.

So, think of it this way. Picture a Honda driving cross-country without a single breakdown. It chugs along, in all environments, and never complains.

Mazda Performance

Now, picture one of those car commercials. You know the one. A sleek metal machine peels around a corner at speed, rumbling in a way that turns heads.

That is the Mazda experience. It’s for drivers who aren’t afraid to nudge the gas just a hair further. Drivers who like long, open stretches to put a vehicle through its paces.

Mazda performance and thrill do come at a cost. The frames are lightweight and sacrifice some fuel economy for additional vroom. Regardless, it excels at being the Sunday cruiser it aims to be.

Of course, you should experience this for yourself if possible. Visit your Mazda dealership near Corona, CA for a test drive.

Choose the Right Brand for You

Honda vs Mazda, which one is for you? Honda is Japan’s all-rounder for unparalleled reliability. Mazda attunes itself to the thrillseeker, pushing Japanese engineering to its limit.

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