Here’s How Textured Walls Change Your Interior Game

Texture designs are the only ones that can instantly make your walls look realistic. If you are somebody who has immense knowledge of interiors, you must be knowing what an important element of textured walls are while planning the wall designs. The monotony of the boring walls can be broken down by adding some beautiful textures to them. Textures create an effect on the wall and make them look dramatic. The market is flooded with different textured materials that are extensively used to create good interiors. 

Let us take a look at some of the best texture designs and how they can completely upgrade your interior game. 

  • Paint Wall Texture – The best way to create textures on the wall is through paints. The top painting brands are now manufacturing the best-textured paints that can easily be applied to the walls creating a smooth finished look. If you take a look at the Asian paints color book, you’ll spot some of the most fascinating colors and textures for your walls. Textured paints are generally applied using some tools that are readily available at any paint shop. These paints can instantly change the entire appearance of a plain wall into something eye-catching. 
  • Textured Wallpapers – If you do not want to go in for paints, wallpapers must be another option you are keeping your eye on. Traditionally, wallpapers were only about applying the sheet of paper onto the wall but with modern styling coming to play, wallpapers are specially manufactured in a way that they seem like a ready-made textured wall that has to be just stuck on your home’s wall. Wall texture designs are evolving and with that wallpapers are now being available with exciting designs and textures, patterns, etc. 
  • Wooden textures – How can wood be avoided when we are talking about leveling up the interior game? Apart from adding textures to your space, wooden materials also add lots of warmth to the surrounding. Wooden panels that come in numerous varieties and textures can quickly make your boring wall look like a systematically constructed wooden wall. Wooden textures add a natural vibe to the wall creating a raw environment in the house. If you are looking for authenticity then these textures are your go-to. 
  • Stone textures – Yet another natural texture out there, stone textures are amazingly changing the market pattern. Using these makes a wall seem like a grand wall constructed using raw stones. A good statement wall can be created using real stone accent wall texture. A dashing wall made of stone texture is visually dramatic. If you go for real stones, it could get really expensive for you, instead creating wall textures inspired by stone art is a more feasible option, and crates and royal vibe. 

Apart from the textures we just listed out, there are a few more interesting options like 3D textured panels, textured moldings, Fabric textures, etc. that can be considered while opting for wall textures. A textured wall can instantly make people admire the walls which used to be boring due to their plainness. To style your home with minimum expense, creating wall textures is a good decision. This can make your interior game look lavish and trendy. You can also trust this brand to provide you with a professional who could choose the best wall painting designs for you. 

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