GIT Basics for DevOps Certification Course

Development and operations (DevOps) are tools, practices, and philosophies to boost efficiency and effectiveness. It is an abbreviation for the combination of Development and Operations, which supports collaborative application development and IT operations within a business. As a result, organizations can deploy services and applications more quickly. DevOps enables enterprises to deploy code 30 times faster than before.

DevOps or Cloud courses sometimes need students to download source code for applications, configuration files, playbooks. In general, GIT is used for all of these tasks. As a result, GIT has become a must-have skill in the modern world, and it is not confined to only developers.

DevOps is claimed to be the next-level technology that our world needs. It’s not too late to become a DevOps Engineer in 2021. If you want to improve your delivery processes by learning the DevOps approach and technologies, look for DevOps online training to kickstart your journey.

What is Git?

Git, an open-source version control system, was invented by Linus Torvalds. For large and small projects, Git handles the team’s files. It enables the team to develop their product regularly. Most big technology businesses use it. Git is a safe way to make changes to codebases. Git also tracks changes over time and can combine or erase modifications made – if necessary. Git is a crucial element of DevOps, cloud-native computing, and continuous delivery pipelines. You might also use Git to handle the many continuously improving revisions of the book you are writing. As it stores code files in different versions on its server repository, Git helps developers maintain their work history. All the capability, performance, security, and flexibility that most development teams and individual developers need is provided by Git.

Git and its popularity

It’s just been a few months since Microsoft began using Git. Git is amongst the essential version control systems that have undergone a substantial pace of growth and popularity over the years. Git plays a crucial part in the lives of both developers and non-developers equally, according to a recent study. As we are part of the software developer’s world, it is good to know the Git system. An understanding of Git is incredibly beneficial for a successful career. It opens up more opportunities for the developers’ community. So, now is the time to learn Git.

Git Life Cycle

  • Local working directory: The initial step of a Git project life cycle is the local working directory. The project resides that may or may not be tracked.
  • Initialization: When we first create a repository, we run the command git in it. By issuing the following command, we will make Git aware of the existence of a project file in our repository.
  • Staging area: The source code, data, and configuration files are now being monitored by Git. We will now add those files to the staging area by running Git add. This procedure might also be referred to as indexing. Files contributed to the project staging area are included in the index section.
  • Commit: Using the git commit -m ‘our message’ command, we will commit our files.

Git – Features

  • Time-saving: Git is much faster than competing systems such as Mercurial and Bazaar. You will better spend your time and complete your projects faster with Git’s performance speed.
  • Easy learning and usage: To get the hang of Git, you only need to learn a few fundamental commands (such as Git add, git commit, and git branch).
  • Documentation is excellent: Git is very easy to understand because of its abundant documentation. You may get all the information you need about Git on its website or any of its external links.
  • Errors are easy to correct: Reverting to prior versions or tracking out where things went wrong is one of the best rewards of using a version control system. An undo command is available in Git for almost every case.
  • Collaborative working is made easy: Git makes it much easier for developers to collaborate. You can quickly settle conflicts that may emerge when two people are working on the same file. You can merge modifications made by multiple persons into one.
  • With remote repositories, it’s much better: Git repositories can be hosted on various hosting platforms. It makes it easy for you to work in a collaborative environment with other developers using GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket platforms.
  • Access to work offline: GIT enables you to work on local repositories without connecting to a central repository. As a result, you have much flexibility in where and when you work from your home.
  • It’s widely available: Due to Git’s distributed file system, each copy of a file mirrors the whole repository. Any local copy will act as a full backup of the repository if there are any issues with a server corrupting the global repository. An essential advantage of Git is that it is distributed, unlike centralized version control systems such as Subversion, where server failures can be disastrous since only one server contains the entire project.
  • Pull requests make code review easier: Take, for instance, a new code branch that you’d like to merge into the main branch at a later time. Once your feature is done, you may create a pull request, which acts as a formal request to add that feature.
  • Large community: There is much effort being made by a group of people to improve Git because of its vast and committed community. In addition to reporting bugs and security issues, a plethora of developers behind the system creates a robust support structure unparalleled in the industry.

Wrapping words

In the IT business, DevOps is one of the most demanding and highest-paying jobs. In this constantly evolving field, it’s vital to learn new skills continually. You need to understand how to use Git to work with code. It’s a vast subject to know, and there are many tools and technologies you need to understand. Attend a free crash course on Git for DevOps engineers. The course includes all the main ideas in detail from scratch, without wasting any of your valuable time.

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