FTC Influencer Guidelines: Must Know If You Are An Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencer marketing is quite a fresh marketing perspective for a business, but its success graph knows no limits. The influencer industry is expanding daily and has given a 360॰ turn to advertising. It has reformed the markets and HOW. 

As the influencing business became profitable, the government had to establish rules and regulations to keep the process in check. In 2019, FTC came forward with ground rules to conduct any influencer campaign since it has become the need of the hour. 

These rules are subject to change with time since this is a dynamic industry. After all, this is done to protect the interest of consumers. 

Now, after much its and bits, you must be wondering what this FTC is and what the rules are that need to be followed. The best influencer marketing agency knows that it is what you are here for. 

Let’s dive into the blog to know further!

What Is The FTC?

The FTC, or the Federal Trade Commission, works under the government. Its aim is to implement federal consumer protection laws that prohibit fraud, deceit, and unfair commercial activities in the US marketplace. 

The FTC has released certain guidelines for the brands and influencer marketing platforms India endorsing influencer services. This might sound like merely a limitation on the activities of the brands, but it is actually the other way around. 

As the blog progresses, you will learn more about how these guidelines can work in your favor. 

Benefits Of Following The Guidelines Of The FTC For Influencer Marketing Agency

You can highly benefit from these certain guidelines from the FTC, and they will help you in the longer run. Let’s see how you can be in a good light. We, as your influencer marketing agency, have compiled the following points for you to keep in mind: 

  • One of the biggest advantages is that even if you are an influencer or a brand, it keeps the FTC off your back. In the past, the FTC sent out more than 90 reminder letters to influencers and marketers.
  • Working by the law will keep you in the good eyes, and you won’t have to be afraid of any potential lawsuit on your hands. 
  • One thing that the audience appreciates is transparency and honesty. Keeping the guidelines in mind and working in its accordance will make your customers trust you more and establish a sense of trust with them. 

Now that the professionals from our influencer marketing agency have laid out the benefits for you, let’s know certain dos and don’ts with respect to the rule book. 

Practices To Avoid While Working With Brands Or Influencers

  1. Not disclosing brand partnership

One thing that the FTC takes very seriously is not disclosing a brand partnership. A brand can be fined heavily if its influencer conceals or fails to disclose a business relationship. It can be disclosed by simply mentioning the #ad on the post caption. Even if you are creating non-static content, you can add it at the top left corner. The best influencer marketing agency India makes sure that these rules are followed, and the influencers/brands they work with adhere to these rules as well. 

  1. Not everyone knows influencers personally

Many influencers are indulged in several businesses. Some influencers may have relatives who work for specific brands. This is something that not everyone who views their content is aware of. When creating content for someone, influencers must inform others about any business relationships they have. This includes family members, employers, and friends. Influencer marketing agency India ensures that this happens. 

  1. Unclear disclosure

According to the FTC, sponsorships and business relationships must be clearly disclosed. A business relationship should not be hidden or minimized. If a sponsored video is longer than 30 seconds, influencers should mention it throughout the video. If the sponsorship is mentioned at various points throughout the video, viewers are more likely to notice that it is sponsored and understand that they are watching advertising-supported content, according to influencer marketing agency India. 

These are some very strict rules and must be taken seriously to avoid any unforeseen legal actions.  Influencer marketing agency India makes sure that every project they work with is under the appropriate guidelines. 

Practices To Follow While Working With Brands Or Influencers

  • Always be transparent with your audience

Your audience is someone who will watch your content and will make their purchase decisions based on what they see. Being unclear with them and delivering partial information will make them lose their faith in you. If you decide to employ expert influencer marketing India, then they will make sure that your content is well received by your audience. 

  • Make sure that your disclosures are clear

The FTC prescribes influencer marketing India using simple and easy terminology while stating your business relationship with a brand. It must be well stated and delivered through your content that the promotion is intended. 

  • Promote with authenticity

This means that you must have used the product or service before promoting it. To maintain the trust of your audience and avoid unethical business practices, only recommend products and services you are confident in recommending. You can also consult influencer marketing India to make the best use of your resources and promote your product in the best way possible. 

For further information about the FTC’s rules and guidelines, visit the official website to learn about it in detail. You can also contact influencer marketing India to know more. 

Attached below is the complete and detailed guide for all the brands, influencer marketing platforms India, and influencers. Working along the lines of these guidelines will help you stay in check. Additionally, it will retain the trust of your audience in you. 

Click here to download the complete guide. 

In A Nutshell

While the 2019 guidelines are useful, it is important to note that they are only advisory. The FTC intends to revisit the binding rules in order to clarify how influencers should approach sponsorships. 
Because the influencer marketing landscape is constantly changing, it’s critical to stay on top of any new rules and regulations. As an influencer, you are a business, and you must follow all laws in order to maintain transparency with your community. We, as influencer marketing India, are an agency that will stay on top of your game while playing by the rules.

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