Foods from the Streets of Singapore That You Absolutely Must Try

Singapore is one of the priciest cities globally, but it has a bustling street food culture that serves a vast variety of delicious dishes at affordable ratesSingapore has a diverse population consisting mainly of Chinese, Malays, and Indians. You can find delicious food that represents their cultures and unique dishes that combine all three.

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Let’s look at some of the best street foods that you can enjoy in Singapore:

  1. Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh is a yummy dish that comes from the Chinese community in Singapore. It’s made with meat, bones, and tea! Long ago, a shop owner made soup for a needy person using leftover bits like bones. The soup turned out brown like tea, and that’s how it got its funny name. This simple dish is a favorite of local street vendors, so don’t leave town without giving it a try.

  1. Laksa

Noodles in a rich coconut broth make up the delicious dish known as laksa. This dish is a blend of Malay and Chinese flavors. It includes ingredients such as cockles, fish cakes, and bean sprouts. If you have a short stay in Singapore and can only try one of the options, this is the meal you must pick.

  1. Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak is a yummy dish that’s popular in Malaysia and Singapore. It’s made with coconut rice and is usually served with egg, chicken, or beef, fried anchovies, and peanuts. People love it! Usually in the morning, but yummy whenever you want to eat it.

  1. Char Kway Teow

Kuay teow means flat rice noodles in the Hokkien language. In Singapore, you can find noodle dishes everywhere. One dish you should definitely try is char kway teow. This dish is made by stir-frying the noodles with dark soy sauce, cockles, & Chinese sausage. You can find it almost everywhere there are street vendors, and it will probably become your go-to food if you stay in the city for a while.

  1. Satay

Meat on sticks with yummy peanut sauce is a famous dish in Southeast Asia. People in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand love it! Chicken or mutton is commonly served with it in Malaysia and Indonesia, while pork is also available as an option in Singapore. No matter which version you taste, you will definitely crave more.

  1. Curry Puff

A yummy curry filling is stuffed inside a pastry puff. It’s usually made with chicken and egg, but there are many different ways to make this tasty snack. Simple to locate, very affordable, and perfect for a fast snack.

  1. Sambal Stingray

This is a yummy skate dish that’s cooked on a banana leaf and topped with sambal, a spicy sauce from Malaysia. On top, you’ll find chopped onions, garlic & coriander leaves. This delicious and authentic Singaporean cuisine is an excellent choice for a picnic.

  1. Samosa

This popular Indian snack is widely available throughout the country of Singapore. They’re a great option for a go-to meal in between meals because they’re filled with spiced meat or vegetables.

  1. Roti Prata

A dish that’s easier to make and tastes even better. Unleavened bread called roti, which is typically served with a dollop of gravy to dip into because of how light and airy it becomes after being fluffed up in butter. Excellent with a morning mug of teh tarik (a sweet tea popular in Malaysia).

  1. Fried Rice

Fried rice is a staple dish in East Asia. You have the option of having it with either egg or meat. It goes well with a variety of different dishes and can also stand on its own as a fast and affordable meal option.

While there are many excellent dining options in Asia, few can compare to the wealth of culinary options in Singapore. This location takes great pride in its street food scene, which makes it one of the best places in Asia (and possibly the world) for food lovers who want to indulge in some delicious eats.

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