Exploring India with Confidence: The Importance of Domestic Travel Insurance

India is a diverse country with varying landscapes and rich cultural history. Due to its vastness, every part of the country feels distinct but similar at the same time. But when travelling, you often miss a crucial aspect of the preparation – and that is travel insurance.

Although having insurance for domestic travel is not mandatory, it is highly beneficial to have one when travelling within one’s own country. This article will explore domestic travel insurance, its importance, how to find the best one based on your needs, and how to buy one.

What is domestic travel insurance, and why should you opt for one?

As the name suggests, domestic travel insurance is a type of insurance offered to domestic travellers. This coverage protects you from unexpected expenses arising from risks associated with travelling within one’s own country.

You often wonder about the necessity for travel insurance, especially within your own country. But in recent years, as the frequency and impact of risks like trip cancellation, missed connection, medical emergency, or personal accident have become more prominent, it has become necessary to opt for insurance when travelling anywhere.

This is why, although limited in extent when compared to insurance for international travel, the protection they offer can be beneficial when faced with these risks.

How to find the best domestic travel insurance?

Various insurers offer a wide range of insurance plans that can eventually overwhelm you, making it challenging to find the right plan for your needs. However, you can find the best insurance when travelling domestically by considering the following factors while choosing an appropriate plan:

1.   Coverage options

One of the most important factors to consider when considering buying insurance is the coverage offered by the insurer. This and the exclusions can help travellers assess whether their claim will be accepted.

2.   Travel destination

The travel destination also has a say in which type of insurance or insurer to opt for. For example, when travelling to a destination that is more susceptible to particular risks

3.   Age limits

Some insurers have age limits for who will be offered coverage. Typically, insurers only provide coverage for individuals until age 65, but some insurers might have no age limits.

How to buy domestic travel insurance?

There are typically two ways by which a traveller can buy insurance when travelling:

  • The first method is opting for the insurance offered by travel providers and aggregators like Cleartrip or IRCTC when booking a ticket. They offer insurance by partnering with insurance providers, making it easy to purchase insurance when travelling. These policies, however, are limited in scope and are only valid leading up to or during the travel.
  • The second is to independently opt for a comprehensive insurance policy from a dedicated insurance provider like Niva Bupa or Bajaj Allianz.

You can buy insurance using either of these methods based on your specific needs and requirements.


Whether you are travelling domestically or internationally, travel insurance is highly beneficial for all travellers, offering protection from a wide range of emergencies. It is especially vital if you do not have any other kind of insurance like health or personal accident insurance.

It acts as a safety net, providing a fallback option when faced with unexpected expenses resulting from unforeseen risks. So get domestic travel insurance today and explore India with confidence and peace of mind.

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