Exploring Goa: Your Perfect Itinerary From Delhi For A Memorable Getaway

Embark on a journey from the crowded city of Delhi to the peaceful beaches of Goa, where every moment is enough to rejoice. Relax on the magnificent sands of Baga or Anjuna Beach, or enjoy the excitement of water sports. And embrace the vibrant nightlife of Goa, where music and dance fill the air as the sun goes down.

Places to Explore In Goa:

Here is a list of places to explore in Goa, when you book a Delhi to Goa flight early in the morning to start your journey. We understand Goa can give be a lot to explore in a limited time frame, hence we have mentioned the major places which you must cover.

1. Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort, a well-preserved 16th-century Portuguese fort overlooking the Arabian Sea, is located on Sinquerim Beach. It shows Portuguese architecture and heritage alongside a lighthouse. From the top, you may also enjoy expansive views of the area.

It used as a reference point for ships arriving from Europe in the past. Aside from a fort, it has also served as a sizable watering station. These days, it’s a wonderful vantage point where you may spend time with your loved ones watching the breathtaking sunrise and sunset. It also has an opulent spa and resort.

2. Mayem Lake In Goa

The lake’s tranquil, motionless waters provide a profound sense of tranquility. For those who are seeking tranquility, this location is a great appeal. There are hills and forests all around the lake. For those that enjoy animals, there’s also bird watching here. How to get there: From Panaji and Mapusa, buses connect Bicholim to the lake, and from there, local buses to Mayemlake can be taken.

3. Terekhol Fort In Goa

Many facets of Goa’s past will become clear from this particular fort. The gigantic fort’s southernmost section, Terekhol River, is the source of the name of this historic fort. The fort is surrounded by several paddy fields. When visiting Goa, one must schedule a visit to this fort. Terekhol is accessible from anywhere in North Goa by taxi hiring.

A ferry is available for navigating the river. While walkers and bicyclists typically travel for free, drivers of automobiles would have to pay a nominal fee.

4. The Church Of St Anne In Goa

The residents also refer to this church as Santana. It’s a captivating piece of art. This tourist destination’s architecture is remarkable and distinctive since it perfectly combines European and Indian design elements. There are rumored to be many stories and legends connected to this historic Goan church.

The church hosts an annual celebration called The Feast, which honors the Cucumber Feast, also known as the Touceachem Fest, on July 26.

5. Calangute Market Square In Goa

This marketplace is home to a large number of Goan shacks and kiosks displaying a variety of goods, including as souvenirs, trinkets, and sarongs. In addition, there are other stands selling beer and other treats like prawns.

In addition, you may buy carpets, various textiles, clay, leather, and metal objects, as well as Goa attractions.

6. Cape Town Cafe In Goa

Cape Town Cafe is an excellent nightclub to check out. This location boasts a distinctive outer space and serves as both a bar and a nightclub. Every night, football matches are shown on a massive screen in the nightclub.

Whether you are travelling with partner or friends, this club is a must.

7. Lpk Waterfront In Goa

This nightclub, which is easily found in the backwaters of the Candolim River, is well-known for its fantastic music selection, outstanding ambiance, and outstanding service.

Say goodbye to the tranquillity, beaches, and sun of Goa as you board your journey back from Goa to Delhi flight, taking with you treasured memories of your beautiful vacation.

8. Corjuem Fort

Corjuem Fort is a little fort in the shape of a square that is situated on the Corjuem River Island and offers breathtaking views of the surrounds. Its striking architecture will draw you in. The tranquility is palpable as you go around. This mostly-ruined Portuguese military fort was formerly quite strong.

Despite being a less well-known tourist destination, you may fully appreciate this historical and architectural marvel’s magnificence. Built in 1551 from laterite stones with pits, it served as a military academy as well. The cable suspension bridge that links the fort to Aldona is the main draw. This well-kept website can be visited for fifteen to twenty minutes with ease.


The varied experiences offered by Goa will enchant and refresh you, from relaxing beach days to cultural tours and exciting adventures. This itinerary serves as a guide to ensure you have an unforgettable and enlightening holiday on your route to Goa from Delhi. So gather your belongings, forget your cares, and set out on an adventure to explore the wonders of Goa.

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