Diamond rings- A symbol of Passion and Perfection

Diamonds are undoubtedly the most beautiful stones ever, and them being the hardest rock, it is no surprise that diamonds are forever. Diamonds never fail to add elegance to your ensemble, adding charm to your outfit and personality. Diamonds are not just a personal voice but are also symbolic, making them the perfect gifting option for your loved ones. And nothing speaks glamour and elegance more than diamond rings.

Different styles of diamond rings

Diamond rings come in so many styles and shapes that you will be going back and forth among pieces trying to decide on one! Some of the most popular styles of diamond jewellery are:

1. Solitaire diamond rings

The most traditional type of diamond rings are the solitaire rings that are perfect for anyone who loves keeping their jewellery elegant and simple. These are timeless pieces that ensure your diamond ring is the star of the show.

2. Channel Set diamond rings

Diamond rings that do not feature any prongs are Channel Set diamond rings. In these rings, the stones are embedded between two strips of metal into grooves that look like a channel, causing the centre stone to look bolder than usual.

3. Pave diamond rings

The pave setting would be perfect for people who want to show off their diamond more than the metal. These diamond rings feature little diamonds along with the platinum or gold band that presents only diamonds all around!

4. Vintage diamond rings

Go for something more classic and unique with vintage diamond rings. These are some of the most desired diamond rings because of their timeless designs and cut.

Choose by metal

Metals are a huge part of diamond rings because these hold the stones together to form a gorgeous array of shine. The most popular metal for diamond rings that you need to consider are:

1. Platinum

Platinum is one of the densest and hardest metals out there, and choosing platinum will surely ensure your diamond rings stays the same forever! Platinum also has a soft silvery-white shade that will enhance the shine and sparkle of the diamond.

2. Gold

Gold comes in three different shades- yellow, rose, and white and each of these shades have a different story to tell! Yellow gold is perfect for people who love traditional jewellery. White gold is an amazing option for people who want their diamond to shine the brightest while sticking with gold, while rose gold is ideal for anyone who wants to make a subtle statement.

Choose by Setting

Another popular factor determining the beauty of the diamond rings is usually the type of setting that holds the diamond in place. A few popular types of diamond settings are:

  • Prong settings

The prong setting is a type of setting that contains metal projections to hold the diamond in place. There are usually around 4 to 6 prongs, but you could always customise this based on your preference.

  • Bezel settings

When the base metal parts or surrounds the stone, the setting is called a bezel setting.

  • Channel settings

In the channel settings, the diamonds are held in place in a channel made with the metal band. This type of setting allows lesser light to pass through.

  • Invisible settings

In this setting, the metal framework holds the diamond in place underneath the stone. It is created so that the metal will not be visible at the top of the diamond ring.

The best thing about shopping for diamond rings online is that an online store will always be open. Also, choosing an online store to find your ideal piece means that you will be picking one from hundreds of brilliant collections. Moreover, even when you purchase your diamond ring online from trusted stores, the quality of your purchase will not be compromised.

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