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Choosing The Right Business Travel Platform: Features And Considerations

When handling corporate travel management for your company, it can be tough to balance following company policy with ensuring your employees have a smooth booking experience.

Here, you will learn how to choose a business travel platform with the right features to fulfill your travel needs.

Why do you need a business travel platform?

A business travel platform has all the tools and features you need to manage your business trips. It’ll help you stay stress-free, reduce risk, make it easy to communicate and coordinate, and ensure everything runs smoothly. Also, it’ll save you time and money before and after the trip. And if something goes wrong, a reliable platform will ensure your business is covered even in the worst-case scenarios.

Features and considerations to choose the ideal business travel platform

If you’re looking for a way to make your business travel easy and efficient, look no further! Here are a few features to follow the right travel management company.

Comprehensive inventory of hotels and flights

When you search for a travel management platform, you should consider hotel stays and flight options. Ensure your employees find comfortable and convenient hotels by choosing software with multiple options. That way, they can book hotels closer to where they need to be for business.

If the platform doesn’t have budget hotels or flight service providers, you are missing out on some cost-saving options. Make sure the travel company has hotels in different price ranges.

Finally, ensure the platform offers early and late check-in for corporate professionals. And if you’re flying, ensure it integrates information from all airlines so your travelers can catch timely flights for urgent business travel.

Scalable offerings

Choose a customizable and scalable solution if you want your corporate travel management plans to align with your business needs. This feature will ensure you can customize the platform to fit your needs, like creating custom workflows, setting up approval processes, or adjusting the software to adapt your travel policy.

The platform should be able to manage several users, complex travel plans, and more. With a customizable and scalable solution, you can ensure your travel management processes stay efficient and helpful. With these key features, you’ll be able to create a streamlined and efficient travel management process that’s time-saving, cost-effective, and good for your employees.

Seamless processes

Corporate travel management software should simplify travel. It should give you access to better deals on flights, tickets, and hotels and make it easier to make last-minute changes so you don’t have to worry about expensive amendment fees.

Your travel platform should answer everyday policy inquiries. This feature allows employees to focus on other priorities. Streamlining travel and expense software helps make your corporate travel program more efficient and effective. The right software will make it easier for you and your travel managers to track work trips and get receipts.

Expense management feature (T&E)

Choose the best travel and expense management software like ITILITE to manage travel and bookkeeping of your business travel expenses. If you have many employees who travel on business trips, you can use the software to book and track travel bookings, reports, and monitor travel expenses.

A business travel platform with these features can influence your travel ROI. Several companies still use spreadsheets to report their travel expenses, which can be prone to mistakes and hard to track. But seamless integration with your existing corporate travel management systems can make your process more efficient.

All the info you need gets automated and shared between your systems, so there are no manual entries or errors. With travel management software, you can analyze your organization’s travel habits and expenses, which will help you be more efficient and gain profitability.

Integrated policy compliance

Choosing the right travel management system for your business can make all the difference in staying compliant. First, you can have a reliable corporate travel platform that offers travel packages that align with your company’s travel policy. It should also show you choices that do not integrate with your policy in a different window. That way, your employees can see authorized and unauthorized options and make the right decisions.

Additionally, you can set up the travel management platform to automatically flag any expense reports that don’t follow your policy. This way, you can spot any violations in real-time and alert the approver so they can take the necessary steps to fix them.

24/7 Customer support

Many business travelers feel like they don’t get the support they need after they book. When you think about how they have to cope with things like car rentals that don’t work, problems with hotel check-ins, or flights that are late, it’s no surprise that these things can be a source of stress and frustration. So, when you pick a business travel platform, choose a travel partner that cares and manages everything from start to finish for your employees.

Risk management and safety

Companies have a duty of care to their employees to make sure they’re safe and sound while on the road. That’s why it’s so important to have travel risk management in place. If your travel platform provides real-time alerts and updates, you can stay updated on any risks or disruptions during trips.

Your travel software should also have tools to track and monitor your traveling employees, like tracking their GPS tracking and providing emergency contact info. In an emergency, you’ll need expert help and support, like 24/7 professional medical, security, and evacuation services, to ensure your employees are cared for and no need to worry about legal or financial risks.

Bottom Line: Choose a business travel platform with the right features

The new generation of business travelers prefer to make their bookings and want a platform that provides various options. Unfortunately, most corporate travel platforms haven’t kept up with the times. It’s essential to pick the right one for your business to make your travel operations more efficient, save money, and keep your employees satisfied.

Consider all the main features outlined here and invest in a suitable solution for your organization. After all, it is your job to help the company grow. If you’re looking for a travel platform tailored to your business, you’re in luck! Pick a travel management platform like ITILITE that fits your company’s needs and adds value and ease to your employees’ business trips. The right choice will provide the solutions tailored to your unique needs and goals.

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