CBD Oil For Dogs: Can My Dog Take CBD Oil for Humans?

Humans and dogs are similar in certain ways which is why they even share similar health conditions such as arthritis, anxiety, inflammation, etc. One product that has been used in the treatment of a good number of these diseases is cannabidiol popularly known as CBD.

Although we may share certain similarities with our canine buddies we make use of different products that are designed just for humans and those for dogs. This is the same when it comes to cannabidiol. It also comes in different types such as oil, tinctures, edibles, vaporizers, lotions, and creams. You can check out Cheefbotanicals CBD to learn more about these types of cannabidiol products in the market.

As we just mentioned, CBD oil for humans is different from that made for dogs. Many users of cannabidiol have wondered if their dogs can take the same CBD product that they use. One of the reasons for this is that some consider it to cheaper than having to buy another product entirely for their Fido. While many have this in mind, many are yet to try it because they aren’t certain if it is safe for their pet or not.

If you are in this situation, then you are reading the right article, because we will reveal if your furry friend can take human CBD oil or not. Furthermore, we will discuss the factors to consider if you choose to administer one to your pet. Finally, we will tell you the human CBD dose that should be given to your pup.

Alright, let’s begin…

Can Your Dog Take Human CBD?

The simple answer to that question is no! However, it is recommended that you don’t. The reason you shouldn’t is that you might make a mistake with the dosing. Human cannabidiol products are more concentrated than that of dogs. Hence, there is the possibility that you could overdose your pet causing him or her to experience drowsiness, lethargy, and uncoordinated motor movements.

Dogs like humans have what is known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that helps in maintaining internal homeostasis. The function of this system is further enhanced when it reacts to cannabinoids. Click here for a more extensive read on the ECS. Since cannabidiol is a cannabinoid, there is bound to be a reaction that would either lead to the inhibition or stimulation of the system’s receptors. This, in turn, will allow the body to perform some anticipated reactions.

If you choose to use human CBD on your pooch, we recommend that you get a cannabidiol dog product first and administer it to her; then watch her reaction to it. If there is no negative reaction, then after a while you can switch to human CBD if you still choose.

However, we still recommend products that have been made especially for your furry friend over those for humans because of the following:

  • Human CBD is more concentrated and can be dangerous for your dog especially one that has a small size and weight.
  • The problem of getting the appropriate dose can lead to some problems if you aren’t careful.
  • Dog CBD is optimized to ensure that your canine pal can consume them easily. This is not the case when it comes to human products.

Safety Considerations and Potential Negative Effects to Look out for

  • Legally, no cannabidiol product can be said to work for humans and dogs or any other pet. This is a restriction put in place by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Visit to learn more about this national agency. The major reason for this is that the higher concentration found in human drugs isn’t safe nor suitable for pets and that includes dogs.
  • Some cannabidiol made for us such as full-spectrum contains THC which is a psychoactive agent. If such is consumed by your dog, it can lead to serious complications. This is why it is not recommended that you give your tyke human cannabidiol even though they can take it.
  • We also have what is called CBD isolate which is known as pure CBD. If your pet gets overdosed on this, it can cause it to exhibit some characteristics of being drugged. This could lead to lethargy, drowsiness, and other negative side effects.
  • Certain extracts that are used in gummy bears and tinctures can cause negative effects on your canine bud. Some of them contain chocolate which is known to be bad for these four-legged animals.
  • When giving your dog any kind of treatment, ensure that the ingredients within the treatment aren’t artificial but natural.
  • When giving the tincture, be careful to ensure that your pal doesn’t bite the glass dropper. If this happens, it could lead to mouth and tongue injuries.

How to Calculate Human CBD Dosage for your Dog

As we have mentioned so far in this article, giving your dog the right dose is critical if you decide to give it cannabidiol made for humans. Therefore, we advise that you begin with small doses before increasing them gradually. This will allow the dog’s body to get used to it.

After some careful calculations, we have an approximation that you can follow: Administer 1mg of cannabidiol per 10kg or 22 pounds of your dog’s body weight. With this, you can administer the treatment safely without causing an overdose.


Dogs can take human CBD oil, however, it is not generally recommended. The possibility of arising complications that can affect your pooch negatively as a result of overdosing is quite high. You also need to consider certain safety factors such as the possibility of human products containing ingredients that can be harmful to your tyke.

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