Can I Sue After an Uber Accident?

Research shows that 51% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 have used rideshare services. Only 24% of Americans over 50 have used rideshare services like Uber.

If you often use Uber to get around, you may be worried about an accident. If you have been in an Uber accident, you probably want to sue Uber.

This is a common response if you have sustained an injury during the accident. This guide will help you understand what comes after an Uber accident.

Keep reading to find out if you can sue after an Uber accident.

Can You Sue an Uber Driver After an Accident?

One of everyone’s worst fears is getting into a vehicle accident. If this has happened in an Uber vehicle, you probably need legal help.

If your Uber got into an accident on route, you have the option of suing. As a passenger, you are never going to be at fault for an accident.

You were not responsible for the vehicle, and you weren’t on the clock as a driver. Because of this, you have every right to sue the Uber driver for any damages.

They were the ones responsible for your safety, and they failed you. This is a case that an Uber accident attorney can help you make and win.

Can You Sue Uber After an Accident?

Were you injured in an Uber accident? If so, you have every right to sue the Uber company for your damages.

Most people who do this have a very good chance of winning their case. This is because you are not at fault if you are the passenger of the Uber.

Uber is also responsible for all of its drivers and passengers. It is Uber‘s responsibility to make sure everyone stays safe during the rides.

Uber also has an insurance policy that offers coverage up to $1 million. In most cases, your claim is easily excepted, and a solution is found.

The majority of lawsuits against Uber do not make it to court. Uber does not want to tarnish its reputation by taking these kinds of claims to court.

It is also very unlikely that you would lose your case since you aren’t at fault. Because of this, no lawsuit is usually necessary; you just want to hire an Uber accident lawyer to help you.

What to Do After an Uber Accident

A large amount of Americans use rideshare services like Uber. This is very common, especially since owning a vehicle is very expensive.

You may not have a vehicle of your own, or you live in a city where it is too difficult to drive. The problem with using Uber is that someone else is in charge of the vehicle.

This can come with risks, such as getting into an accident. If that is the case, there are certain things you should do after the fact.

Call 911

After any kind of vehicle accident, your first response should be getting help. To do this, dial 911 and report the accident.

The 911 operator can get an ambulance if you are injured and contact the police. The police will show up in a few minutes to investigate the scene.

This is also necessary since every vehicle accident needs to be reported. It is especially important if you plan on suing, as the police will investigate.

This police report can later be used by your accident attorney to build your case.

Get to a Safe Place

After calling 911, you need to evaluate the situation you are in. In most cases, it is better to exit the vehicle and find a safe place to sit down.

After an accident, vehicles can be in very bad condition. Depending on the damage, there is a chance of an explosion or a vehicle fire.

Because of this, you want to get as far away from the vehicle as possible. Make sure you are also away from the road so you aren’t at risk of getting hit.

This is a good time to check on the driver and any other passengers. They may need help exiting the vehicle if they are injured as well.

If necessary, you may want to try to get help from any bystanders nearby. The less you move, the better since you may have injuries that are not yet visible.

Check for Injuries

Speaking of injuries, you need to evaluate the condition you are in. Once you are in a safe place, check your body for any signs of visible damage.

A lot of people have scrapes and cuts after a vehicle accident. But it is important to remember that a lot of damage is not going to be visible.

For instance, concussions are very common when it comes to vehicle accidents. This is something that is invisible, and you may not even feel sick at first.

Some spinal and internal injuries can also be invisible and painless. That is why it is important to move as little as possible after a vehicle accident.

You want to wait until an ambulance is able to take you to the hospital to get checked out. This is also important when it comes to suing Uber after an accident.

You need evidence to show that you were injured in the accident and have medical bills. This strengthens your case and adds to the damages you could be compensated for.

Get Information

If you are not very injured, there is something you can do while you wait for the police. It is a good idea to collect information that may be useful for later.

For instance, if there are any witnesses, you may want to get their contact information. They may have had a bird’s eye view of what happened and could give a statement.

It is also a good idea to take photos of the vehicle and the scene. This also helps to document what happened and the damage the vehicle sustained.

If you have any injuries, take photos of them as well. It is a good idea to get license and insurance information from all of the involved parties.

This includes the Uber driver and any other vehicle that may have been involved. It is a good idea to take screenshots of your Uber information for later as well.

Hire a Lawyer

It is true that most Uber lawsuits are quite simple. These don’t actually turn into lawsuits as the majority don’t make it to court.

Despite this fact, it is still a good idea to hire an attorney. An attorney understands the law and understands what your rights are in the situation.

This is very important because you want your case to be as strong as possible. When you have a strong case, Uber will not be able to push you around or disregard your situation.

An attorney also provides emotional support throughout this process. They handle the legal side of things so that you can focus on healing after the accident.

What Does Uber Insurance Apply to?

If you have been in an Uber accident, you may not know what to do. The good news is that Uber has a pretty hefty insurance plan that covers many accidents.

This ensures that accidents have insurance coverage that can pay damages. Here are some examples of what Uber‘s insurance policy applies to and what it doesn’t apply to.

Off the Clock

Most Uber drivers have an Uber decal or sticker on their vehicles. This helps to show passengers that this is a legitimate Uber driver.

Having this decal does not necessarily mean vehicles are always on the clock. When an Uber driver is off the clock their personal car insurance policy applies.

The Uber insurance is not going to offer any coverage for the driver. This is important to remember depending on the situation.

Off the Clock Between Fares

Most of the time, Uber insurance only kicks in at certain points. When the Uber driver is driving with a passenger, this is usually when insurance coverage is available.

But it is also available at another time for the driver. This includes when the driver is on the clock between picking up passengers.

Driving With a Passenger

Uber’s insurance plan has very specific coverage for drivers and vehicles. It kicks in fully when the driver has picked up a passenger for a ride.

When this happens, there is $1 million in liability and $1 million in property coverage. This helps to protect both the driver and passenger when the vehicle is on the road.

How much coverage is available per case depends on the situation. The coverage available also determines whether you should sue Uber itself or the Uber driver.

Types of Compensation Available

Most people are hesitant when it comes to the idea of suing something or someone. This is because having a lawsuit seems like a very difficult process.

The reality is that this is something that is not as complicated as it sounds. Suing Uber simply ensures your damages are recompensed.

Damages you may have sustained include injuries after the accident. This could also include lost wages and medical bills related to those injuries.

If someone was injured in the accident, this could include funeral service fees as well. There are also instances of emotional damage, like pain and suffering.

These are examples of damages that Uber may have to compensate you for.

Can You Sue Uber If You Aren’t a Passenger?

A lot of people don’t understand how the legal process behind suing works. For instance, you may have been in an Uber accident, but you weren’t a passenger.

This is more common than people realize and requires a similar approach. You may have been another driver on the road that the Uber driver hit with their vehicle.

The good news is that you are still included in Uber’s insurance policy. This applies as long as the Uber driver was on the clock or between fares at the time.

As a driver, you still have access to compensation for your damages. You also want to make sure you document any personal injuries and property damage.

This is especially important since Uber may try to say that you were at fault. This is more likely since you were another driver and not a passenger in the vehicle.

A lawyer will be able to help you find evidence and make your case. This includes the documentation you took as well as the police report.

You can browse this website to find the most reputable rideshare accident lawyers. These are lawyers with experience in this area, so you are guaranteed a better chance at success.

Will Uber Call 911?

If you were in an Uber accident, it is important to know that Uber won’t call the police. Uber uses its support team as an investigator when it comes to accidents.

Uber agents are not allowed to recommend that victims contact the police themselves. This puts Uber in a bad light and isn’t good for business.

Because of this, the first thing you should do is contact 911 on your own. Only after doing that should you contact Uber directly for assistance.

Suing After an Uber Accident

If you use Uber often, you may be at risk of getting into an Uber accident. If that is the case, you have every chance of winning a lawsuit if you file one.

This applies to Uber passengers as well as drivers that were in an accident with an Uber vehicle.

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